We Plug 2 Y.O.U... ZEMMY

When I received an email six days ago that read 'New Artist To Consider Plugging' from one Zemmy Momoh, I thought it was from the same Zemmy Momoh that I went to boarding school with a decade ago and I wasn't gonna open the email because the Zemmy I know cannot sing to save her life. Anyway I opened the email and to my pleasant surprise, it wasn't (1) the Zemmy Momoh I knew and (2) this Zemmy Momoh could actually sing! We'll refer to her by her stage name which is purely and simply Zemmy...

SO who is Zemmy then? Well I'll let her tell you herself...
"I'm a female pop artist originally from Nigeria but I've been a Londoner for the last thirteen years. I like to think of myself as falling stylistically somewhere between Norah Jones and Beyonce and would describe my style as soulful pop. I started making a go at being a career singer/songwriter when I finished my undergrad degree. I found myself a lovely guitarist in early 08, a lovely manager in early 09 and my brilliant drums and bass were recruited at the end of last year. I've been with my wonderful band for just over a year now and we've spent this year (since January) gigging all over London." - Zemmy
It took me the first song to be completely hooked on this Pop/Soul singer and her other songs do NOT disappoint either. There's something about her voice that you cannot help but be captivated by and I just love her whole sound which she describes as 'soulful pop' but it's more than that. I would buy her album right now + it's an added bonus that some of the songs you're about to hear are live recordings and I know that not all of you will be immediate fans of live music over studio recordings but there's something about the organic element and authenticity that shines through on Zemmy's songs that the live music definitely helps bring out that much more BUT enough of me talking, let's listen to some music!

This one is a song titled 'Like Drowning' and I quite like it, I quite like it a lot. It's got that whole chilled-out vibe going on and by God, those guitar riffs capture your ears from the word go and do not let you drift away plus Zemmy's voice just does it for me... It's definitely not your usual or typical vocal powerhouse BUT it's rather soothing and beautiful to listen to and if lyrics and song-writing are your thing then I think you'll like this as well but tell me what you think though...

Here's a very beautifully done cover of the Kids in Glass Houses record, 'Easy Tiger' from their 2007 album 'Smart Casual' that Zemmy and her band absolutely nail. I totally love this cover and how Zemmy absolutely switches the levels on this song, I didn't even recognise it at first. You need to check out the original (HERE) to fully appreciate what Zemmy and her band have done here. They completely turn this rock song on its head and bring it down quite a few notches and turn it into this rather colourful poppy soulful pop song. I'm not sure if fans of Kids in Glass Houses will like it BUT I definitely do like it & hopefully you do too...

I'm loving Zemmy right now and I just wanna hear so much more music from her! You should definitely be up on this young woman BUT if you're not yet completely sold on Zemmy as an amazing artist then these next two songs should literally tip you right over...

This one is called 'Limbo' and I absolutely LOVE it... On constant repeat right now I tell ya! It almost reminds me of a Dido song (only slightly though) with its subtlety and the understated but also (at the same time) commanding vocals. Without mirroring my earlier comments about her voice, it really is just captivating and the musical backdrop, especially those drum patterns, aptly adds to this very compelling listen! I hope you like this one as much as I do.

I know I should go now & leave you to listen to the music without me butting in every five or so minutes with my two pence BUT just one more and I will be gone! This next one is a rough mix of a song titled 'Superman', you have to listen to it (I won't even comment, you give me your 2 pence on this one)...


Before I forget to say it, I feel a special mention should be made about Zemmy's 3-piece band; Ifan Emyr on Drums + Daryl Clayton on Bass + Zoltan Naggy on Guitar, because they do a smashing job, especially on the two live recordings we heard up top, giving those songs their full and rich organic sound... SO yeah definite kudos to the band!

I do not have to tell you that I am utterly and completely sold on the 'Soulful Pop' artist that is Zemmy and I hope you are too even if it isn't 'utterly and completely' yet but you cannot deny the potential that this young woman has. The variety in her music + her ability and willingness to play around successfully within such genres as Pop, Soul, Rock and even a bit of Folk is just beautiful and it means that she appeals to a wider range of audience such as Y.O.U and I think it's her voice that gives her that appeal. The first two songs we featured could not be more far apart and different from the latter two but her voice pins them all together. Did I already say that I'd buy her album right now? Well I so would!

Utterly & Completely SOLD!

Keep Tabs on Zemmy: Facebook // Twitter // Myspace

Until the Next Time...

We Plug 2 You... Ema The Kid & Origimoz -- Above and Beyond

Hi There! Its been a week but I'm back, today's review is oceans way from my last week's feature, in terms of genres, that is. So I proudly present to you a collaborative album, brought to you by MC Ema-the-kid & producer Origimoz. When I was told that the album was a collaboration with a producer, I was wondering why that was necessary, but when you listen to the songs, you will hear the creativity and talent both parties equally bring to this album.

Based on the information I received, it's obvious that these dudes don't like talking too much about themselves but would rather let the music do all the talking so I'll quickly introduce you to the artists behind this album and move it right along;

Harlem-born Rapper Ema-the-Kid grew up in new york city but is currently working and studying in London, UK. He is actually studying for a degree in music informatics, so you can tell that the dude is all about the music. He says he draws his inspiration from the likes of Kanye West, Andre 3000 & Gnarls Barkley and following that list I bet you can sense the type of music this album is going to bring

Producer Origimoz with Mozambique origins was born in China and grew up in his hometown (Mozambique). At just 20 years of age, he has been into quite a number of things from graphic designing to MC-ing and now finally resting comfortably into production.

With that said, let's listen to some music and you can be the judge...

This song, 'Once Upon A Time', is a song I can totally relate to albeit not directly but the story telling is one that everyone will be able to relate to & credit to Ema-the-kid for adeptly bringing us along on this story. Considering its imaginary flow & dreamy musical backdrop, the meaning behind the song is far from a fairytale. The storyline is a perfect example of a sweet food with a very bitter after taste. This song is one of the realest on the album if you ask me, hope you like it too.

As we proceed...

This next track, 'Smiles & Frowns' is another sweet & sour track but I decided to plug it anyway because it's different from the previous song in terms of the sound & music. Truth be told, if you have ever heard of Light House Family and like them, then you'll most definitely love the chorus of this particular track which is sung by a featured artist called Mex. Even as much as iLove the hook, I have to say that Ema-the-kid delivers on every verse...

This next one is a must listen, this particular track cemented my decision to feature this album. It is the type of track you wanna listen to, top-down in your convertible, if you have a convertible that is (anyway it's too bad it's Winter time even if you did have a convertible except you wanna do like Jay-Z and go "Top-down in the Winter..."). Sorry to digress however, this track has that New York Hip-Hop feel to it with a very catchy hook. I present to you, 'Top Of the World'. The singer sings...
"Im sitting top/im getting that money/i got the whole world/ you aint taking that off me....."

Well that's it from me folks... All in all the album Above and Beyond is a really good Hip-Hop album, it sounds like a fusion of modern day and classical music (thanks to Origimoz) with a great Hip-Hop element (Ema-the-kid) and it all works. I'm personally impressed with this one because you can be in any particular mood and still find a song on here to match that mood. The 15-track album has a general feel good sound which I'm sure you'll like...

Download the album "above and beyond" right now. Its FREE + it's GOOD MUSIC so you need to get it, its that simple...

We Plug Good Music, you love it and everybody's happy

2 up, 2 down Until next week

... Fhanthom

We Plug 2 Y.O.U...Thai Matic - LET ME LAND

Do you often wonder how artists come up with their stage names? I wish I had the opportunity to interview this particular artist, because frankly I would love to know his given name, his government as we would call it.

Emerging UK rapper Thai-Matic together with London lifestyle blog The Whorington present to us his third mix-tape "Let Me Land", a statement about finishing what he starts. The 18 track mix-tape is an expression of his journey, a beautiful blend of personal, introspective tracks alongside club bangers and street anthems, all laced with Thai's cocksure swagger and on point delivery.

Thai-Matic, who alongside being a rapper is a Graphic Designer and Photographer, first appeared on the scene as a member of the group KUZ, who enjoyed laudable success on the UK underground scene. He decided to branch out on his own and I dare say his body of work is showing that he could be a rising star in the UK and maybe even branch out across the ocean like counterparts such as Taio Cruz and Tinie Tempah have done.

I like that Thai - Matic comes out heavy on his first track "A million answers". Straight hip - hop on this, and i loved the production on this. The way the piano starts, hooks you and carries you along all the way to the end, allowing you to focus on the lyrics. I can't help but compare him with "Wale" on this one. Thai is a very strong lyricist tho, not with the puns or entendres, but by telling a good story.
"They say i'm not UK enough, not US enough, they wanna try and get rid of me, but well tough, they better suck it up, i'm here to stay like the Big H, until i'm on The Mirrors front page" 

Again, the Ghanaian Born, Thai-Matic, captivates me with his lyrics on my favorite track off this album "Kick Rocks". I love how the production is totally flipped on this song, this time sounding like the beginnings of a soul track. I love how a rapper can totally kill a slow track, telling the story as effectively as if it were your favorite soul singer on the track. Its an apology song of some sort and I love it.
"Do you remember these words that you used to tell me, when i felt like the world had failed me? You used to say, tell em to kick rocks"

The entire album was executive-produced by Thai-Matic and Kevin Lanre and again I have to give them both their kudos. The production on this third song "Take it Slow" is straight R&B, again totally different, showing how versatile Thai is. Kinda reminiscent of how versatile B.O.B is, forgive the comparison. And his voice blends as well, grimey on a hip hop track and very sexy on this track. That British accent, is a great help though.
"When you on top, you ride that shit like you're the boss, plus....take it slow when you riding girl you know how i like it, when you doing it on top of me"

And last but definitely not the least, this song is just one of those hype songs that speak the truth, "Darkness". On this, Thai features Hip Hop & Reggae UK artist Wundah. Is it just me or can you tell a person's personality from a song? In the chorus where they say " Darkness is spreading now, the streets are getting dreader now, it can only get better now, in the meantime play boy imma prepare for the worst", the pessimism amazes me yet it has a sense of hope, you know the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel like thats an insight into the writer's life and its more than just a song.

So get your download on right after the jump, its been out since July guys, and this is what November, so you know this is mad late. But we still had to plug this to you, so you did not miss out on something good, an early Thanksgiving present if you will. So ENJOY!

Till Next Time

Peace, Love and Good Music


We Plug 2 You... The Fifth Member - Insert Coins Here EP

Wow! Before I go on I would like to apologise for stalling on plugging this particular band to you. The thing is; I have been waiting for the perfect time to put this up but I just realised that the time might never come. Truth be told I am not a big fan of Alternative music, but then again, when it is good music, my ears have got to listen ... So without further ado, iPresent to you THE FIFTH MEMBER!

The Fifth Member is a band made up of Louis Ktisti, Marek Razzouk, Nick Treloar and Oliver Gorrie. Like most other bands, they all share responsibility in the band's music production, as they all each play an instrument (as you would). I love the fact that I can't really put my finger on the exact sound of music that they make, so I'm going to stick to it being rock music.

The band have not always been called The Fifth Member however, they were formerly called Attic Noise but due to copyright issues, they had to look for a more suitable name. Sort of how every time you plug in your earphones to listen to the band, you become the fifth member; this notion is what unearths the logic behind the new name The Fifth Member...

Now down to the music; This first track is called "Eyes" & unlike alot of songs you hear today, this track draws you into the mind and core of the band even before you here any vocals. Marek Razzouk, the lead singer has a very distinct voice that makes you love the song even more. The chorus has that bittersweet tune to it...
"He looks into the darkness of her eyes but he cant seem to say what she wants to despise... he'd never know until he dies"

Yeah! Unto the next one. You trust us to always bring you more than one song, so as per usual, here's another one for your perusal. This track is a special dedication to Biggie Smalls (R.I.P) & thats especially why I'm plugging it apart from the fact that its GOOD MUSIC of course, lol. The song is called "Everybody's Gotta Go" and what I like is the way they transformed the tune, you would be forgiven for not remembering the track that they cover.

You know what they say about leaving the best for last? Well trust me to do the same... When I sent this particular tune to the boss, it stuck to him like a leach. It is the type of track that gets you involved, Jheez!! The dude on the guitar (Louis Kristi) is amazing with the vocals to match the quality of the strings, when you listen to the track you'll understand what I'm trying to say. 
"if I stay then I'll stay, but if I go, no I wont always be the same"

Well, you've heard The Fifth Member, what can I say? #TeamUk!

The album is out, its called INSERT COINS HERE

Check them on Myspace

And Buy The Album HERE

Did I tell you the oldest in this band is just 16? Now you know... Get familiar 


We Plug 2 Y.O.U... Sam Sure & Giacomo

So just the other day, I was at a live Hip-Hop showcase over in North London and I was absolutely intrigued and impressed by this particular emerging duo that I had never seen or heard of before. That simple fact in addition to the really amazing live performance they put on (more so the really amazing live performance) really piqued my interest and I thought I'd share them with you...

Originally hailing from Canterbury and now pitching their artistic tent in South London, this duo go by the name of Sam Sure & Giacomo and you'd be hard pressed to find a singular genre that rightly describes their music. Starting off with Hip-Hop as their launch pad and veering into such territories as Indie-Pop and Electro, Experimental or Alternative are descriptions that come easily to mind but those would be cop-outs because I feel their music says much more BUT why don't I let you just listen to some music?

That which you just heard is a very massive track titled 'I Need A Drink' (I implore you to listen back to it) and is hands down, one of my favourite songs right now... On this one, Sam Sure gets really deep about coping with the loss of his father on this beautifully laced production and straight away, it's the compelling lyrics that especially draw you in plus the musical backdrop just adds a funky but also that introspective soulful hip-hop feel to it! Lemme know what you think about this one, will you?

As per usual, we've got some more music for your listening pleasure...

... This one is called 'Keep Me Safe' and it comes in the same vein as the previous track we listened to but this one is more up-tempo with more energy and I'm really enjoying the oddly melodic hook attached to this song, although I was hoping it would kind take off further than it does if you get what I mean. I know we're in Winter and all that but this gives me that Summery feeling... Picture chilling in a garden pub with some cider and the DJ blasting this through the PA system? I am definitely digging this! & did you notice that extra energy Sam Sure injects into the second verse or was it just me? I like this dude + the way he crafts his verses + the way he tells his story... He makes it so easy to connect with the song.

This song is called 'How Do You Feel?' and it is so far removed from the traditional Hip-Hop sound I talked about on 'I Need A Drink' or on any Hip-Hop record you can think of for that matter. While it shows the duo's diversity in creating music, I must admit that this is my least favourite song of theirs and it may just be because I'm too much of a Hip-Hop head but Sam Sure & Giacomo are not your usual Hip-Hop act and this song reminds you of that. I'm not quite sure I like this one but I'm sure it'll have it fans and you might like it so I put it out just for your perusal.

This duo reckon they are the band to watch in 2011 and having seen them perform live and checked out quite a few of their records, I wouldn't bet against them blowing up next year. I really like their music and their whole vibe. With influences such as Jamie T, The Streets, Lily Allen, Joni Mitchell, Prince, Carol King & David Bowie, it's not hard to see how the sounds of Sam Sure & Giacomo just will not fit into a generic box and I think that's a good thing for them going forward. If they can steadily churn out massive songs like 'I Need A Drink' & catchy anthems like 'Keep Me Safe', then their's is definitely a name we want to get familiar with now!

Definitely #GoodMusic Certified!!!

Download: Sam Sure & Giacomo - I Need A Drink || How Do You Feel?

Until the Next Time...

We Plug to You... Izzi Dunn -- Cries & Smiles

"It's been a long time / I shouldn'tve left you / without some dope music to plug you..." 

Hey everyone. Depending on when you're reading this (and what side of the globe you're on lol), how's your day (or night)? The plan was for my grand return to these here internets to be filled with fireworks, kissed newborns & champagne, and it was also supposed to be like a month ago. But things happen, life happens, etc. I'm here now, and that's all that matters! A few weeks ago, Ayo sent me some jams in my inbox, and I have to say I'm definitely vibing to it. 

So here I am, plugging to you, Izzi Dunn. Now, I must admit that I must have been living under a rock when it comes to Ms. Dunn, for this was the first time I'd ever heard any of her music. What a big rock that was, let me tell you. Izzi Dunn is an acclaimed multi-instrumentalist and singer who has collaborated with the likes of Gorillaz, Roots Manuva and Mark Ronson. With her sophomore release Cries and Smiles, she brings another dose of beautiful fusion of R&B, jazz and soul for our ears.

My favorite song off of the album is Kill Me Slow.

First of all, the production on this track is complete & utter perfection. The orchestration gives me life. And can we talk about her lyrics? "Under my skin, the pain runs deep. your insidious poison seeps like blood stains in the snow. You kill me slow..." The imagery is so vivid, it's like you can close your eyes and just see all of this in front of you. The dark tone of the music definitely complements the subject matter. My heart is kinda breaking FOR her, that's how much pain there is in these lyrics. You as the listener FEEL all of it.

The title track, "Cries and Smiles," is one of those songs that kind of makes you want to evaluate your life, with lyrics such as "...are we just slaves to the rhythm or...just as free as we wanna be?" Once again, the production is on point with this song. Multiple head nods during this song, and the breakdown near the end before the third verse is amazing. I think it could be used as a manifesto of sorts, actually. With so many people living their lives with jobs they hate, or maybe wanting to do more with what they've been given, this song can definitely give you that extra push to want to become the person you want to be.

"...Tits and ass make the world go 'round..."

This song is charging. The bass is awesome, but more than that, the song is basically about how the daily use of T&A is used to sell everything. She speaks about the nature of how sexuality is used to sell product -- the more "artsy" it is, the more we're willing to accept it, but when it's blatant, we reject & denounce it. There seems to be no even ground.

If you're still iffy on whether to check this out (which I hope you're not!), sample the song "When It Comes to Love." It's whimsical and very orchestral, and it reminds me of a beautiful spring day. Sonically, "Cries and Smiles" is a joy to ears, and lyrically, it's a treat for minds & hearts alike. As this was my first foray into hearing any material by Izzi Dunn, I must say that I was thoroughly impressed. Any great meshing of jazz, R&B and soul will get an automatic listen from me, and this album has definitely made me a fan.

'til next time,

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