We Plug 2 You.... Olivier Daysoul - Mr Saint Louis EP

Hey there! Well, this week I got a review order from the DON, and I was actually excited because I feel I owe you more G.O.O.D music to get into. So I jumped on it and I loved it.... So without further ado, iPlug 2 you singer/songwriter Oliveir Daysoul.

Olivier Daysoul, real name Olivier St. Louis, born in Washington DC teams up with producer and friend Oddisee to make the beautiful EP titled "Mr Saint Louis". I am actually very excited about reviewing this EP, simply because it is undiluted soul music at its best.

Daysoul is a Hatian American based in the UK, he graduated from OXFORD UNIVERSITY, he has also worked with numerous artistes such as Hudson Mohawke, Onra, Dam funk, Mike Slott & many more and although this EP was written and recorded in Oxford (UK) during Oddisee's holiday trip to the town, the two friends had initially met in washington DC where the birth of the album was first discussed.

To be honest when I first heard his songs, I felt he was personally coached by Marvin gaye, well, I wasn't so far way from the truth because Daysoul says he draws alot of inspiration from the Likes of Marvin Gaye, Al Green Maxwell, and D'angelo, He also admires Snoop Dogg (the Dogg Father *in my mum's voice*), Common, Outkast and many more. Enough talk, let's get down to the music.

Well, the first song is called 'Labor' and it caught me on the first listen, this was down to his Falsetto as well as the backing vocals. On this track he talks about his relationship with a certain girl and I'll keep it on a low so you can listen and make out your own meaning. The melody on this track is actually very lovely but this part of the song got me 
"So you question my intention, when there's no need for suspicion/ so what else is left to prove to you"... 

I'm sure you loved that... This next track is just as lovely and actually very captivating that you actually forget everything else around you for a moment... Like actually forgetting the name of the track such like I did just now, it's called 'Foolish' by the way. The thing about good music is that even when the voice and the instrumentals are gone and you are just left with lyrics, you can still sense it's quality... 
"Trouble seems to envy me/ decisions so hard to make and she knows/ knows I don't want her to leave but i cant seem to open my mouth, so I go/ go ahead and make it so hard for myself"

Wow, this next track is nothing short of what you've heard already so far, and if you are the hip hop type, then you will fancy this one because it features Von Pea of Tanya Morgan. To be honest, this has that fly boy feel (black suit, black shades, red shoes and just bop to this lol) to it. This track is called 'In the Now' and I absolutely love it...

I wont even lie, I enjoyed every moment I spent doing this review... I love good music, regardless of the genre. So in order for you to get your hands on some more of this Daysoul opus, just DOWNLOAD the EP 'Mr Saint Louis'

Thank you for reading/ listening...


We Plug 2 Y.O.U... Joy Ike - Rumors

Hello, ladies and gentleman. How are you all doing? So its my birthday next week and i'm not excited at all, growing older is such a bore. I am however excited about the artist I am about to introduce you. This is why I do this by the way, ensuring that you don't miss out on some truly exceptional artists.

Joy Ike is a sensational soul singer/songwriter based out of Pittsburgh with Nigerian origins. The boss came upon her some weeks back and was really enamored with her and I can't blame him, she sings so beautifully and there is a certain grace about her that you can sense through her music. Her fans have compared her vocally to Corrine Bailey Rae and Norah Jones with an ambiance that is much like that of India Arie and Lizz Wright. Joy Ike released her second album "Rumors" in May 2010 with great reception from all; with The Times, Tribune and Examiner, to name a few, giving her rave reviews.

Despite the stellar comparisons mentioned above, Joy credits much of her musical influence to more modern acts like Sara Groves and Broke Waggoner as well as independent artists like Death Cab for Cutie, Sufjan Stevens and Aqualang. "I really just love soul music and I think soul music has less to do with how a song sounds and more to do with the emotion behind it. I think that’s why these artists mean so much to me.” She says...

She is being honest because with every song, I relate to the emotion the song emits. In her Song "Pain" she talks about a guy who backtracks on his feelings for his lover because he has plans he thinks does not include her. I think every human has this one relationship, your paths just don't seem to be aligned in the same direction.
“Don’t change you plans for me.. I hope you’ll always be someone who sees past the borders in life... Just know that I exist and opportunities missed make for regrets in life”

I'm really impressed with Joy's lyrics. I often wonder how people connect so deeply to their emotion to be able to write songs such as her next song "Rumors". Joy's music has continually been noted for its lyrical depth addressing the human condition, thoughts on Love and the search for God in a tangible way.
"The world has fed us rumors that we cannot be one... And we have gone consumed them. Now we are undone... If two can stay together even in the fire... If two can brave the weather and couple their desire... Then all the world has told us simply stays a lie... And all that God has promised simply comes to life."

My favorite song on this album, that you ought to absolutely have in your collection is called "Nomad". Maybe because I can totally relate, word for word. But I have talked about the songwriting skills, and about this two time Pittsburgh City Paper's best solo artist Joy, but I haven't talked about the music. The beauty about soul music is that from the first strings of the guitar, or the first sounds of the piano, it resonates. As such the artist is only lending his or her voice to the music. Melody like no other and highly orgasmic in its nature.
"I have a thick skin and it's thicker than people seem to think... I have, I have been waiting on the edge for something new... No more, no more. I'll create it, you can join me if you choose."

Certified Good Music, I really encourage you to get this on to your playlist. Its one of the best i have heard this year. She definitely deserves to be a Mainstream artist, so help support her and spreading the word out there to your family and friends by purchasing down below.

Purchase: Joy Ike - Rumors

Till Next Time

Peace, Love and Good Music


We Plug to Y.O.U... Redroomdreamers - Roosters on the Rubbish

With the release of our first compilation mixtape 'A Prelude to the Future', I've admittedly taken a back seat over the past few weeks to Neefemi and our two new writers, Sonya & Fhanthom in updating this here website with all the amazing emerging music we're constantly coming across. I hope you've enjoyed the music that they've shared with you thus far... Which leads me up to why I'm here tonight!

Now apart from Andrea Bocelli, I think it's safe to say that I do not know of any Italian musicians. I know nothing about the music scene out there so you can imagine my pleasant surprise at bumping into this band. Please allow me to introduce you to Redroomdreamers, a new Indie Rock band from Naples (Napoli) in Italy with Dario Woods on guitars & vocals, Alessio Sica on drums & percussions, and Simone De Simone on bass. 'Roosters on the Rubbish' is their debut album, which their record label Happy/Mopy Records have described as...
"12 songs of pure indie, hanging between a little bedroom and the stage. It’s like the report of a life: happiness/despair; love/ hate. This album melts the songwriters of American Music Club, Beck and Smog, in the 90’s urgency. This album is real and passionate, full of picturesque snaps and colored shade" - Happy/Mopy Records

 The truth be told, after listening to this album, you'd be hard pressed to dispute their description and as is only right (and as we usually do), I'll show you a few reasons for this...

This first record is titled 'Under Control' and is largely the reason for this feature. This was the track I stumbled upon by the band that made me go searching for their album and I am glad I did because not only is this track amazing, the entire album is very beautifully made. But yes, talking about 'Under Control'... The guitars on this, both the lead and bass completely capture me from the word go while Dario on vocals rides the musical backdrops so well and I'm hooked from start to finish! It's not even until the 3rd or 4th listens that I'm tryna figure out the lyrics because you're kinda so lost in the music the first time around. I love this record.

As it goes, I'm finding it really hard selecting the next song to share with you because of how good I think they all are. I just want to share the entire album with you and just say you know what? PRESS PLAY! I am really enjoying the music on this. The great instrumentation and how all these sounds are gelling perfectly together on the album plus the compelling but complementing vocals, it just really works. Let me know what you think about this next one...

Another downtempo track like the one before, this one is titled 'Psychotherapy' and I could stay listening to this all night plus I think it sounds so perfect for the Autumn... Just the whole vibe the song gives is so right now, it's so Mid-October... It's so Grey Coats with the iPod and the Earphones and it's that song. There's something about music when it's created with live instruments, I don't think there's anything that beats that organic sound to be honest.

I thought I'd leave you with something a bit more uptempo that the previous two records you've listened to. I wonder what you'll make of it...

This one is titled 'New Year' and it has got me bringing out the imaginary drum sticks and getting my inner rock star on especially on the instrumental solos and then at the crescendo of sounds right at the back end of the song. I know I keep harbouring on about the vocals of Dario Woods but it's only because I cannot get enough of it. I love the energy on this record and I hope you do too.

'Roosters on the Rubbish' is out via Happy/Mopy records in a little over a week, on the 29th of October and you can pre-order it from Amazon right now via the link below! I really really think you should... Other stand-out songs you should definitely look out for include 'The Dog', 'Souvenir', 'About Your Dream' & 'Suitcase' and I'm gonna have to stop myself from listing all the songs on this album. I think I wasn't particularly keen on just one song and that's 'Candy Girl' even though it had its moments in its 6 minute duration. I guess what I'm tryna say is that you should check this album out!

Until the Next Time...

We Plug 2 You... CLR - Bars Attack

Hey, I am relatively new here although I've been on the team for a while. So yeah, I would like to be referred to as Fhanthom (and dont ask why?!)

Today I will be plugging to you an artist by the name of CLR (real name Christopher Thompson). Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, CLR is the last of five children and as a child he was exposed to alot of things that were a little bit too mature for him, but that notwithstanding he decided at a tender age to make the most of his God given talent. He grew up listening to all types of genres, from opera to rock, RnB to Funk, you name it!? He loves music in whichever form, which in turn is reflected in his music.

Now I'm not the biggest fan of Rap music but I feel this dude has alot of things that Rap music has been missing. I like his delivery, he sounds like someone that really loves what he does and is eager to make it in the music industry!

CLR grew up in the lower middle class of the south east of the Grand rapids, so you can expect to hear that struggle in his music. This next song is the type of song you want to listen to when you need to bop to an inspiring track, its called 'The Strong' and to be honest the delivery matches the message. It took me only a few minutes to appreciate the message, and trust me I dont think many people will find this boring. On this track, CLR makes the maximum use of the beat, credit to the producer.

This next track is the current single from his mixtape 'Bar Attack' and its called 'Fortune and Fame'. By the name, you should know what it is about... Everyone who has experienced struggle of some sort should be able to relate to this one. Again this track comes from the heart, exactly how music should be made. 'Fortune and Fame', some of us seek for one of the two or even both but CLR has signalled his intention and voiced his opinions... Enjoy!! Fortune and fame

The last track I will be plugging from the mixtape is titled "Good Bye City". This to me, is my victory track, the type you sing when you are remembering the past and all that... CLR sings "Good bye city I'd be gone forever, I had to move away to make my life a little better". You know the way you felt when you passed that your final college/university exam and you are like YES!!! Yeah, that feeling. This song kinda illustrates a man's transition from a bad situation to a better one. Listen!!!!

Well, thats all about CLR! Be sure to Download the mixtape right below

Thank you


We Plug 2 Y.O.U... The Stow - Just Another Band

I have to admit, I was slightly nervous when I was invited to contribute to this blog. Having been a huge fan for ages, of the WPGM movement (and having been featured on here a few times... Yea... THAT Sonya. hehe), I wasn't sure I'd be able to do a good job of 'plugging' G.O.O.D music but with this band that I was asked to do a piece on, it was pretty darn obvious that it was going to be a fun job to do. Allow me to introduce to you; The Stow.

Now this group is 'right up my street!' (Thanks Cheryl!) But before I begin gushing any more about them let me tell what the group is about; This band consists of 5 members; Haydn, Shi, Gus, Dave and Matt. Given their love for Indie pop and hip hop they decided to form the collective known as The Stow. I have to say, I wasn't really sure what to expect from them, but I was highly optimistic because I'm so pro-team UK it would have been absurd not to be. And let me just say, if it isn't obvious already; I was not disappointed.

What I love most is the energy that each song has. genre wise as their press kit rightfully describes it, it is a 'cross pollination' of sounds and very catchy songs. However, what they've done is taken pop to a more a more soulful level (courtesy of the female singer), with a dash of that hip hop goodness and a hint of rock over LIVE instruments. (We NEED more of this and less of the studio generated craze we've become so used to).

Personally, my favourite song of theirs is 'Over The Edge', their latest single. It's so simple that it lets you enjoy and appreciate the talent of the singer and the rapper and it's also a song I feel is relateable and that makes it a winner.

The next song I listened to was 'Doubt Remains' off of their 'Just Another Band' EP. There is no doubt that however you feel about this song, you'd end up singing the hook because it's that catchy. I like the fact that the singer opens this one and then the rapper comes in and does his thing. My favourite part of this song, however, is the part in between where it's just the guitar and the drums. I felt like they could've given more on this one than they did. I wanted more and I felt like they left me hanging on this one. But like I said... I'm singing the chorus over and over!

And last but certainly not the least is 'Round and Round'. This is a fun one... And to be honest I have played this song back a quite a few times already. For some reason I'm reminded of Big Brovaz. I wonder if I'm the only one...

The Stow are out with an EP titled 'Just Another Band' which you can download below! You can also check out their website for some new releases, tour dates and all that other good stuff.

Download: The Stow - Not Just Another Band

It's been real! Till the next one...xxx

We Plug 2 Y.O.U... Luck-One - True Theory Outtakes

For three weeks I haven't written anything, because I was waiting for something different. You see for me its not enough for me to hear the music and think its a good album, it needs to move me enough to write, I need the "IT" factor. Plus I really wanted to review a straight hip-hop album or mix-tape, it felt like I hadn't gotten my hands on one of those in a minute. Excuses aside, I am extremely glad therefore to be bringing this mix-tape to you for your listening pleasure.

Luck-One is no stranger to us and shouldn't be to you if you are a fan of this site. If you are new to us here, let me give you a little introduction. The first time we heard from Portland's finest Luck-One, it was on his 7 track EP with producer Dekk called "Beautiful Music" which we raved about here. We still have this up on our blogroll, more than a year later, yes its that GOOD.

This time Luck-One branches out on his own and gives us another free 7 track EP, titled True Theory Outtakes. True Theory Outtakes is a seven track journey through Luck-One's challenges and triumphs on his way towards becoming recognized as one of the industry's top notch lyricists. Soulful grooves, powerful wordplay and top notch execution make True Theory Outtakes a must listen project for 2010.

My favorite song on here is titled "They Say". Its just one of those Good records, so good you can find no fault with it. This is new age hip-hop too, with the lacing of that soulful sound and the drums, neither overshadowing the other. I like his flow on here, so very passionate but even more so, I absolutely love whoever the female artist is on here that laced this song, she did justice to this song. Listen for yourself.

The start of this next song drives me insane. "Ribbon" he wrote for a girl, and is pure honesty and so good, I wish he did more than a 16bar. It was way too short and I hope on his forthcoming album which we are expecting early 2011, he will have a full version on there. I can only hope. Kudos to Terry Harris for this beat, seriously, he killed it.
"They say when you having real deep emotions about something, you should make art, so I wrote a verse"
If you follow us on our sister blog, Conversations about Her you'll know that we put up "More" when it first leaked in September. Ordinarily I wouldn't put this up again, but this is one of those songs that will never get old. If you have never heard it before, I'm sure you will have it on repeat all day. It's a freaking GOOD song, I can't get over the instrumentals on here and everything he said on this record.
"If I never sell a record in life, does that make me less talented in wrecking the mic?"
You need to get your hands on this EP, and its free, right here... Luck-One definitely deserves to be not only on your ipods but on the radio, here's to hoping that the New Year brings just that for him.

Till next week then

Peace, Love and Good Music

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