We Plug to You... CHYN

Hey Y'all... I hope today's feature meets you well. If not, sit back and enjoy some good music, hopefully we'll put you in a better mood...

This feature is on emerging UK-based Nigerian rapper Chyn, real name Cheyenne Hamilton Labesa who's currently based out in Scotland studying at the University of Aberdeen. He's one of the emerging artists I've been following for a very long time now and I really should have done this feature a while ago... If I had to describe Chyn as an artist, I'd say he was essentially a 90's rapper infused with some much needed 21st century musicality. He loves laid back beats, and is not a fan of bait lyrics. I like to refer to him as a 'Ghost Rapper', why? Because he is one of those dudes that you literally have to dig out. I'd say he is more slept on than underrated.

Anyway, lets cut right to the chase, the tracks you are about to listen to are something of a prelude or preview to Chyn's forthcoming mixtape titled 'The Epidemic'. 'The Epidemic' is the type of Hip-Hop mixtape that will definitely grow on you and I know because I've heard most of the tracks on it. If you are a fan of Poppy/Dance-Hop, you might want to turn away NOW!!

This first track is called 'Good Times'. This song is a musical description of a good ol' University house party (trust me I know) and there's no solid reason for sharing this one other than the fact that I love it and I'm hoping you will too. It's the type of 'feel good' song that slides perfectly into that 'Friday Night', 'Weekend' or 'Party' playlist plus this also works for when you just wanna relax and 'jam'... Chyn delivers with a smooth flow, witty wordplay and lyrics that make the song totally relatable and enjoyable. Just don't be misled by the 'funness' of the song because you'll miss some of the interesting metaphors Chyn let's loose on this one...
"Different girls, from different countries, G8 Summit"

This next track is called 'I Want My Jenny Back' and it comes with that very 90's R&B/Hip-Hop vibe, it'd have been perfect if an R&B vocalist was on the hook as you can just hear the potential in the vocal adlibs. On this song, Chyn delivers exquisitely with the narratives on this classic tale of wanting the "ex" back (you know that one girl that had you sprung from the start and then broke your heart?) and it's not even near one of the best that Chyn has to offer. 'The Epidemic' mixtape is full of relatable real life music like this, none of that "inception" music around here I can assure you. Listen below...

"This aint just any track/ I aint a maniac/ I just want my Jenny back"

Okay, I've decided to put in a bonus track in the middle of this feature... This one's an old track that Chyn recorded with fellow emerging Nigerian Hip-Hop artist, Falz and even though it's kinda old, it still is good and deserves some shine. That bassline reminds me of 50cent's 'Candy Shop' so you already know this one is that head-bopping club banger! You may not be Chyn's biggest fan but you gotta admit that the dude is sick with it. Listen to 'Picture status'.
"I get High like notes/i flow like boats/ i do some dance moves, I break fast like oats"

'N.A.H' stands for "No Autograph Or Hugs" and ever since I heard this tune, that's exactly how I've been feeling. This song is filled with dope braggadocio, smart punchlines and metaphors, excellent delivery and a brilliant wordplay over some banging beats... Just some of the things you can expect from Chyn as you get plugged into his music! For some reason, this tune reminds me of 50cent; I like the way he lays rap-style vocals on the chorus and still bosses the track from start to finish. You should definitely get familiar with 'N.A.H'...

Well, that's all we have time for today but I hope you've enjoyed the music... I'm really tipping Chyn to be a success story on the African Hip-Hop landscape and when 'The Epidemic' comes out, we'll be sure to alert you to it but before it does, you can stay close to Chyn via his Twitter to get the gist on all the latest...

Keep Tabs on Chyn: Youtube // Twitter

Until the Next Time...


We Plug 2 You... ASA - Beautiful Imperfection

This is a long over-due feature and after I am done, you will see why I still felt the need to share this with you, 3 months later. Some of you may already know this artist, dare I say you should and for some, she will be totally new, so let me give you a little bit of background info.

ASA is a Singer/Songwriter (Government name: Bukola Elemide) who was born in Paris, France and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. It was while in Nigeria, that she started singing and discovered music but it was not until she moved back to Paris during her adult life, that she found and formed her musical style. Her Musical influences include Marvin Gaye, Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Erykah Badu, D'Angelo, Lauryn Hill, Rafel Saadiq as well as Angelique Kidjo and you can actually tell  from her songs that she does not just say this. So when we say ASA's music is a fusion of Pop, Soul, R&B, World, Funk & Reggae, it is exactly that, all beautifully sung in Yoruba and English. 

I must confess that I was not a fan of her début self-titled album 'Asa (Asha)', there was just something missing that I could not quite place my finger on, although I could not deny how beautiful and soulful her voice was. With her sophomore album 'Beautiful Imperfection' which came out last October in Europe & Africa and is soon to be released in the UK & US, I must say I am quite flawed. It's everything working well together; her sound, the music, the elements of live music, the well thought out lyrics, the story in every song and the emotions they evoke. This album is bright and happy while still remaining soulful. I give this album a 9/10 without question. But I'm rambling on, you listen for yourself.


This first song is titled 'Maybe' and I absolutely love it. I love the blend of Acoustic Pop and Soul music; the lush piano chords and the soft guitar riffs; the drums patterns and the perfectly arranged backing vocals. This song is simply beautiful and it gives you so much assurance and inner peace, well it gives me so much assurance and inner peace anyway. Add that amazing voice and what she is saying on the record into the mix and you can't help but fall in love with this song.
            "I'm gonna be myself, and nobody can, nobody can stop me. I'll finally be, who I'll be"

This second song is titled 'Dreamer Girl (Have You Ever Heard)' on which she encourages you to dream, because maybe someday, that elusive day we all hope for (like when I win the lottery and become a millionaire) will eventually come to pass. Asa's stripped-down acoustic sound really shines through on this and the melody of this song is without question the best on the album. This song is actually my personal favourite, primarily because I can relate. As with this one, quite a lot of songs on this album are very relatable and on songs like 'Bimpe' and 'Ore', you almost think this might be a personal story for her.
"You might think, that she is a bit naive when she says that someday she'll be queen. Is it impossible, is it a crime or is it a silly state of mind"
This next song is called 'Baby Gone' and it's four heavenly minutes of Blues-infused slow tempo guitar-driven soul music. I love this song especially because it's from the perspective of a woman who's lost her significant other and desperately wants him back, usually it's the other way round with the male character wanting the woman back so it's good to hear the contrast. This song is so raw, brutally honest and very sad, it's hard not to appreciate this. Asa's voice, the musical arrangements and harmonies evoke so much passion and the pain in this song resonates with me. Can I just say mention the violin solo from 2:30 minutes? Mentioned...
            "I wish I kissed you deeper, can we find a way? A way. My baby is gone, gone, gone"
Lastly and not in the least by any chance, I thought I ought to share a more upbeat song to end things just right.  A little less up-beat than the official lead single for the album 'Be Your Man' but equally as happy is the very catchy summery tune, 'Why Can't We'. This definitely makes you want to move your feet, the way only a good Pop song can make you do. I love the horns & drums combination on this one, they give the song so much energy just at the right moments and it reminds me of a Disney song and a Jack Johnson song all at the same time if that's even possible. Very enjoyable!
"What is life about? Did nobody tell you. The reason why I ask, I can see you are so confused. You worry much about the things you cannot see. You have it all with your money, you still complain"

This album is as perfect as they come. I did not skip a single track on this record and I suspect you wouldn't either. Even if you do not understand the songs in Yoruba, I am sure that the melodies, harmonies of the songs and the quality of music on 'Beautiful Imperfection' will keep you listening. ASA's voice is soooo beautiful and you'll find yourself in a very peaceful place when you listen to this album so I encourage you to definitely purchase this album at the jump.

Asa's Beautiful Imperfection is released in the UK on the 4th of April, 2011 and in America during the Fall.

Purchase: Asa - Beautiful Imperfection (iTunes France // Amazon Germany)

Keep Tabs on Asa: Facebook // Twitter // Website

Till Next Time

Peace, Love and Good Music


We Plug to You... Mentalist - Make You Proud

This is my debut post so I guess you guys don't know me... Lemme introduce myself, I'm Max (full name Maxim) and yeah its my real name, my mom was really into the magazine when she was pregnant. I'm a student but I often moonlight as a music reviewer and I love it, music is what keeps me going. I only mostly listen to rap but I can also stand some pop and R&B songs from time to time but enough about me so I can serve you some GOOD music. 

We plug to you Mentalist, he is one of the newest names to come out of the UK's Rap/Hip-Hop scene. He is one half of the group Problem Family alongside another emerging Hip-Hop artist Loudmouth Melvin, under the 'Hand 2 Mouth' indie label. Mentalist has been played and spoken highly of by some of the UK's  finest Hip-Hop DJs. From the BBC 1Xtra's DJ Semtex, MistaJam, Sarah Love and Rodney P & Skitz to Choice FM's DJ 279 and Kiss FM's DJ MK & Shortee Blitz. He's got a NEW Album out titled 'Make you Proud' which he's giving away for free and he is bringing back the real Hip-Hop where its not all about the witty punchlines and metaphors but also about the content and subject matter and Mentalist is speaking the truth so we had to pay attention PLUS he's also got the skills to back it up with his delivery, flow and lyrical ability... Let me shut up and let you guys hear it yourselves.

This song you just heard is titled 'Mentro', it features Krimzon on vocals and it's produced by Loudmouth Melvin, I really love how laid-back the beat is. I feel this song pays homage to the rappers from the golden-age of music (80's/90's Hip-Hop) beautifully with it's musical backdrop and Mentalist's rap style. This track is for all aspiring rappers or anyone struggling out there striving to make it, Krimzon was perfect on the hook and that soulful vocal sample at the end of the song is just amazing. This is one of those songs you need to have on your 'Lazy Saturday' or 'Hanging with the Friends' playlist, the point is though that this is one song you need to get!

This next track you just heard is my favourite track on the album, 'Mirage' featuring our very own Shanaz Dorsett; Shanaz worked the beat beautifully with her voice, it's amazing to listen to. Another Soulful laid-back musical backdrop provided for by Loudmouth Melvin for this retrospective song and Mentalist does not disappoint. This one's for the folks who try hard to acquire the money and fame; a friendly warning to keep you grounded always because the spotlight can sometimes ruin you. Mentalist drops some deep lyrics while narrating the story of a girl who seemed to be carried away by the shiny things in life. Listen...

This final track I will be plugging is titled 'Oh Yer' and it features Loudmouth Melvin, not as the producer this time but going toe-to-toe with Mentalist in the lyrical ring. This is a more upbeat and hard-hitting Hip-Hop song with Mentalist going more hardcore on this beat as well as Loudmouth Melvin, they both stepped their game up on this joint with Mentalist going in on the hook with...
"Ain't nobody hot as me // They can say they got it locked BUT you know I got the keys!"
and Loudmouth dropping serious quotables like...
"I heard dude say I'm biting, I'm innocent // I don't rise to that pussy shit, I'm impotent..."
This has a more aggressive delivery and beat which both rappers oblige to. Hope you enjoyed it.

I really do love this mixtape... It's got that old school feel to it and it's very reminiscent of the golden era of Hip-Hop music. Mentalist has got the lyrical skills, delivery, flow; the whole package but if there's just one problem I have with 'Make You Proud' is that every song just seemed to sound of the same vibe, like totally Indie/Neo-Soul Hip-Hop and not saying that it's entirely a bad thing as the songs come out really well and this vibe might very well be your thing but I did want to hear some more variety.

'Make You Proud' is an album for the mature Hip-Hop fans, its been a while since I personally heard Hip-Hop like this, his ingenuity is plentiful and I really admire his creativity but then again, if you knew Mentalist before 'Make You Proud', this might all likely be old news to you. I think he is inspired by rappers from the golden-age of rap because he sounds very much like they do and in an industry which has been overtaken by witty punchlines and gimmicky metaphors to dumb it down for the listener, Mentalist might suffer the same unfortunate fate that a lot of others before him have endured, which is having to wait for people to comprehend how special his gift really is. When you are so far ahead of the game, it will always take quite some time for the average listener to understand what you're about or catch up with you. But for those of you who have been desperately waiting for some real & honest Hip-Hop music to take the UK scene to that next level, you might wanna look towards Mentalist for starters. Download this mixtape and understand what I am talking about

Download: Mentalist - Make You Proud (Album)

Until the Next Time...


We Plug to You... Ed Sheeran - No. 5 Collaborations Project

Earlier today (January 9th), UK-based singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran officially released his latest project, 'No. 5 Collaborations Project' on iTunes, an 8-track EP of Folk, Acoustic, Grime & Hip-Hop infused good music featuring some of the best & his favourite rappers in the UK Grime/Rap scene and we had to make sure you don't miss out on this kinda goodness BUT if you're reading this and wondering who the hell Ed Sheeran is (as some of you might), then lemme introduce you to one of the BEST & brightest fast-rising artists in the UK!

Ed Sheeran is an emerging UK Folk singer/songwriter who came into much prominence in 2010 after appearing on UK Urban media outlet, SB.TV and since then, has become somewhat of an 'Urban Cult Classic' here in the UK with the President of Universal Records, Monte Lipman flying him out to New York for a showcase back in the Summer and none other than US R&B star Jamie Foxx co-signing Mr. Sheeran while out there. His gigs in 2010 have all been sold-out & he was a support act for Exmple on his UK tour but let's not be fooled, Ed Sheeran is NOT entirely the new kid on the block. He's been hard on his musical grind for well over 5 years now, with his début album coming as far back as 2006 and 5 EPs under his belt since 2005. Ed Sheeran was at the TOP of my 'new' artists of 2010 list and with the 'No. 5 Collaborations Project', I think he shows you just why he is & should be kind of a BIG deal but I'll spare you the rhetoric and let the music speak for itself!

What you just heard is a track titled 'Radio' which features UK Grime veteran, JME on the verses and Ed Sheeran along with long time co-producer Jake Gosling providing the amazing musical backdrop for this song (as with all of the EP). Can I just say that I LOVE this song and it's gotta be hands down my favourite song off of the EP. On this, JME & Ed Sheeran (hook & bridge) painstakingly & beautifully let us in on the perils of 21st century mainstream radio and the power of the greatly sought after 'radio playlist'. It's a beautifully crafted song and JME pours his heart and frustration out eloquently without ever sounding preachy or fake. I just LOVE it... A perfect 10!

This one's called 'Goodbye To You' and it features emerging grime artist, Dot Rotten. I really really like this song and I've got it on repeat for the longest time. Now typically I doubt that I'd ever actively seek out to listen to Dot Rotten as I'm not a huge fan of his but on this song, he is the epitome of sheer brilliance! The deep, retrospective style of his verses draw you in to the realness, pain, remorse & truth his words embody. Something has to be said about Ed Sheeran's songwriting and music-making ability, he crafted out each of these songs with each rapper/emcee in mind and it's NO wonder that Dot Rotten does brilliantly on this, the song feels and sounds like it was made for him and him only but let's not take anything away from Dot Rotten, he brings this song to life with his emotionally-drenched verses & serves as a beautiful closing track to the EP... 2 for 2 on amazingness from the 'No. 5 Collaborations Project'

The final song I'll be sharing with you is 'Little Lady' featuring emerging UK Hip-Hop artist, Mikill Pane. If you knew Ed Sheeran before this then this song already sounds familiar to you as 'Little Lady' is the remix of Ed's 2010 smash single 'The A-Team' off of the very beautiful 'Loose Change' EP. On this, Mikill Pane adds his EXCELLENT story-telling skill and ability to an already brilliant song and dare I say, makes it BETTER! Mr. Pane brings a new dimension to this song and when I first heard his verses over this (especially that 3rd verse), I was close to tears and that goes to show the realness of his lyrics. The detail in his story-telling and his carefully crafted choice of words bring the song to life and it's as if you're right there in that room and you wanna do something, you really wanna do something but you can't... Beautifully told!

'No. 5 Collaborations Project' is beautiful music! The more you listen to it, the better it gets and the fusion of Folk & Acoustic music with Grime/Hip-Hop music is genius and serves a real delight but some traditional fans of Ed Sheeran and those who fell in love with the 'Loose Change' EP may be weary of this EP and the direction it takes but I will say that they should trust it's creator because he's poured his heart & soul into this which shows from every side of this EP and it looks like his fans agree with me as at the time of publishing this, 'No. 5 Collaborations Project' seats at #9 on the iTunes UK album chart and at #1 on the iTunes UK Singer/Songwriters chart. On the other hand, staunch fans of Grime will flock to this and absolutely love it as Ed succeeds in showing some of it's (Grime) usual suspects in a new and different light, in a more accessible way if I may be so bold. 'You' featuring Wiley as well as 'Lately' featuring Devlin stand out also as foreseeable favourites amongst Grime fans.

This EP works & all in all, the 'No. 5 Collaborations Project' is a very GOOD body of work filled with amazing vocals, musical backdrops to die for + hard-hitting emotional lyrics and it's worth every penny... You really need to get this EP!

Purchase: Ed Sheeran - No. 5 Collaborations Project (iTunes)

Until the Next Time...

Peace, Love & Good Music

We Plug 2 You... Kahli Abdu - Ministry of Corruption

Happy NEW Year you! Hope you're having a good one so far... 2010 was really good for GOOD Emerging Music and it seems like 2011 is picking right off from where last year ended and long may the year go on as it's started...

I really DO not have much background info about what I'm about to share with you other than 'Ministry Of Corruption', the new mixtape from Emerging Nigerian Hip-Hop artist Kahli Abdu is a mixtape inspired by the King of Afrobeat and one of the most political musicians we've ever witnessed, the late GREAT Fela Anikulapo-Kuti... Now at this point, any trepidation would be understandable! I mean its Hip-Hop mixed with Afrobeat? It's FELA-inspired? You're thinking this has all the ingredients to go wrong BUT you'd be wrong and we'll just have to let the music do all the talking.

Upon first listen, not a lot of the songs immediately leap out at you on this 13-track mixtape BUT you cannot help but fall in love with the Afrobeat infused musical backdrop upon which Kahli Abdu laces his politically charged & hard-hitting lyrics. From the first song, 'Fear Fear Factor', which begins with an indelible Fela vocal sample & those unmistakable drum patterns before leading into glorious horn riffs trademark of that sweet Afrobeat sound, you are (dare I say it) hooked and the short introductory track certainly leaves you wanting more (it sort of tails off after the 2:15 mark which almost ruins it for me) up until the last song, 'Wonderful Material Property', which is a mellowed down Afrobeat song with a great Soul Music touch that Kahli Abdu raps over with absolute precision and finesse to ride this tape out and then half way through the song, you hear the final of many great Fela vocal samples saying...
"Music is a spiritual thing. You don't play with Music. If you play with Music, you will die young, you see because when the Higher forces give you the gift of music, musicianship, it must be well used, for the good of humanity. If you use it for your own self by deceiving people and doing this, you will die young. I've told people this many times so I'm gonna prove them wrong and prove myself right..."
Ok NOW let's get into a few of my favourite songs from the mixtape...

This next song has gotta be one of, if not my most enjoyable song on the mixtape. It's called 'Categori' and everything from the beats produced by Charlie X to Kahli Abdu's lyrics just work for me quite frankly. I guess on this one, Kahli chooses to show some versatility and instead of giving a message as with most of the songs on 'Ministry of Corruption', he sorta introduces himself to his audience with clever punchlines and a dope flow as he lays into this one hell of a beat. It's Hip-Hop at it's cocky best if I do say so myself with the vocal sample on the hook saying...

"You can't touch my style!"
This next track is called 'Kpako' and it features Yung El on the hook and if you thought this mixtape was gonna be overly political from front to back then this song serves as a ample detour. On this one, Kahli Abdu shows that he can have a good time with his music (although NOT diverting from the main theme of the mixtape too much) and he spits very witty bars filled with much braggadocio, audaciousness and 'partying with girls at the party' on this Chopsticks-produced thumping Hip-Hop beat with Yung El delivering the covert message of the song at the bridge (they just couldn't resist), what do you think?

This next one is the Charlie X-produced song titled 'Demo Crazy' which samples the hook from the very popular Fela record, 'Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense' and on this one, Kahli Abdu drops some thought-provoking lyrics about the history (if you will) and deceit that's rife in Nigerian politics. You will not want this head-bopping production from Charlie-X to throw you off Kahli's words on this one so please listen carefully and understand the message. Listen below...

SO what do we think so far???

In conclusion, I think this is a very stellar body of work as far as Hip-Hop Music goes... The music treads experimental boundaries of merging Afrobeat with Hip-Hop and succeeds (where others have failed) while still remaining traditionally Hip-Hop in my opinion... The lyrics, flow and wordplay are fresh, they're sharp and I quite enjoy Kahli Abdu as a rapper... And as far as African Hip-Hop goes, this is really cutting edge and refreshing to listen to from Mr. Abdu. I like that he's sticking to his lane and NOT tryna be commercial or popular BUT I must have said the same thing about a certain M.I and his 'Illegal Music' mixtape but alas I digress...

I must warn you though, this is Hip-Hop with a message! I have NOT heard any African body of work that's this politically charged in recent times and some of it might leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth BUT isn't music meant to do that? Incite a feeling, whatever that feeling is? 'Ministry of Corruption' does that (quite A LOT!) and I highly recommend that you download it.

Download: Kahli Abdu - Ministry of Corruption // Alternative Link

Until the Next Time...

Peace, Love & Good Music

We Plug 2 You... Guvna B - Scrapbook

Allo Mate!! Happy New Year and are we back with some good music for you or are we back with some GOOD Music for you? I hope you've been GOOD and you had a GOOD Christmas & New Years. Going into 2011, we are going to serve you nothing short of GOOD music I can assure you. Having said that, I'm going to introduce you to our very first feature for 2011, Guvna B!

This UK-based Gospel rapper has been around for a while now and if you were watching the MOBO awards last year, you will remember that he won the award for best Gospel Act! Only a few months after that, Guvna B is NOT resting on his morales and he's back out with a brand new mixtape, because for Guvna it has never been about just the awards, he's always been ready to put out that hot verse with that hot message.

This 21 year old Ghanaian born rapper has come out with an amazing mixtape titled 'Scrapbook' and truth be told, regardless of your religious background, you will be heavily touched by this mixtape as it comes with alot of soul and originality. According to Guvna B, 'Scrapbook' is more of a gift to his listeners and is a body of work filled with tracks that Guvna has written over the years, hence the name 'ScrapBook'.

Oh Yeah! this first tune you're about to listen to is titled 'Skin Deep'. I particularly fell in love with this tune as soon as I listened to it. I feel like everyone I know should listen to this track and just picture me talking to them. Basically, we all have problems, but a couple of us never show those problems and people feel because we don't talk about our problems, it means that we don't have any. After Guvna adeptly gives this message, he tells you where to meet that ONE person that will always be able to see your problems (& help) even through those deceiving smiles...

This next tune is heavy! It's called 'One Body' and it features an array of emerging Gospel artists such as A-star, Presha J, Jake and Jay Dolph... For all you Grime fans, this one is for you. Each artist drops a monumental verse on this track and I'm sure you'll like this one. The title 'One Body' represents the kingdom of God which is You and Me.
"Love your neighbour that's it"

This next tune 'Kofi' is an emotional one and sees Guvna B on excellent storytelling mode. It aptly describes the relationships between two best friends finding different paths in life as with many relationships in our lives. This story line sounds as real as real can be, making it even easier for listeners to relate to it. Emerging UK artist, Michaela the Poet is the female vocalist on the chorus and considering the fact that she calls herself a poet, she did justice to the chorus. Her voice completely embodies the pain that the song aims to convey...

Can I just say that when it comes to this thing called rap, the UK has got it down to a Tee and we need to take more notice. On this next tune called 'B2B', Guvna B and Brewer go back-to-back on one hell of a thumping musical backdrop with much skill, finesse & flow. These two completely NAIL it if you ask me. I feel this tune can compete with alot of other rap songs lyrically, if only we appreciated Gospel Music a bit more. Enjoy this one...

I will say this now... This has been my best feature so far for We Plug GOOD Music because this 20-track mixtape has been able to touch me in ways alot of other mixtapes haven't been able to. Guvna B has been consistent in his ministry (music) for a long time and I hope he gets even more people to  appreciate him and his sound in 2011.

Keep an Eye on Guvna B: Twitter // FaceBook // Website

God Bless You as you listen

P.S If you choose to think that this isn't GOOD music, you can send me an email and iWill apologise (lol)... BUT there won't be any need for that, trust me!


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