We Plug To You... Adenikè

Adenikè Adenaike. A deliberate play on syntax? Maybe not. A stage name? Definitely not! That is actually her real name. ADENIKÈ means royalty in Yoruba (Nigeria) and rightly so. She has branded herself with the royal color - purple, her nickname is ‘Purple’ and from the press photo above, so is her hair and her brand but what about her music? I would have to concur that her music is just as awesome as the color purple... We plug to you, emerging R&B singer Adenikè.

The Best NEW & EMERGING Music - Week 10 & 11, 2012

A full week late with this instalment BUT we are here nevertheless and what a month of March it has been so far for New and Emerging Music! The Sun is finally out and the music festival season has officially begun with South by Southwest (SXSW) kicking off the proceedings earlier in the month. In a way, you could say that our Best New and Emerging Music series is very much like the SXSW festivals. SXSW has always been known for unearthing some pretty amazing new  and emerging artists and that's exactly what our series has been doing all year so without further ado, here's our Best New Music of week TEN (05/03/12 - 11/03/12) and week ELEVEN (12/03/12 - 18/03/12) of 2012.

We Plug To You... Diggy Simmons - Unexpected Arrival (Album Review)

Even after three mixtapes [that I shamelessly still bump occasionally], I instantly think of young Diggy from the reality TV show Run's House whenever I hear Diggy Simmons. Needless to say, this Unexpected Arrival album, if nothing, has erased that thought as Diggy has very well proven himself to be a true rapper on his debut solo effort. 

We Plug To You... Sara London - Breaking Hearts EP

Canadian Singer/Songwriter Sara London has been on my ‘to-listen’ list for a while now, since a download link to her debut EP Breaking Hearts landed on my radar last month. I finally got to listen to the emotional project this weekend and the impressive vocalist automatically gets a plug from me as a result of her stellar debut.

We Plug To You… The Funeral Suits

Heading straight out of the Irish capital, The Funeral Suits are a modern Rock four-piece band, with roots in melodious Pop, mind-blowing art Rock and symphonic Electronica. The band's music can be likened to early Kasabian, White Lies and Electro-Acoustic Rock band, Empire Of The Sun, with their summery, edgy, psychedelic-rock sound. Not the first type of music that you think about when you envision an alternative Irish band I'm sure...

We Plug To You... Michael Kiwanuka - Home Again (Album Review)

It's a Friday night and I'm getting prepped for my radio show looking for new African acts delivering great music. It was while doing this a few weeks ago that I heard Michael Kiwanuka for the first time via Okay Africa. What I heard that day was "Home Again", the lead single and title track for his debut album which I have the pleasure of reviewing now. As such; without further ado, I plug to you the BBC Sound of 2012 winner, Michael Kiwanuka with his inspiring debut album Home Again.

The Best NEW & EMERGING Music - Week 8 & Week 9, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, I am not going to lie to you. Being able to bring to you this rather fun and exciting Best New and Emerging Music series every week is proving harder than I thought and you will have noticed that over the last six weeks, it has become more of bi-monthly series rather than a weekly one. Notwithstanding, we are as still committed as ever to continue to trail and sifting through all the new music coming out in 2012 and bringing you the very Best New and Emerging Music of 2012 as and when they occur. Without further ado however, here's our Best New Music of week EIGHT (20/02/12 - 26/02/12) and week NINE (27/02/12 - 04/03/12) of 2012.

We Plug To You… Black Circles

Bursting out of Kent, Englad and describing themselves as an Alternative power-trio is a dark and intense outfit by the name of Black Circles with their excellent delivery of thrashing, melody-driven Rock anthems. The band are self-proclaimed lovers of early Foo Fighters material - an influence that is clearly present their music - and while some bands who try to dabble in this specific genre of music can of course become lost in screaming vocals, Black Circles' lead vocalist/guitarist Dan (with backing from bassist Mayumi) delivers catchy choruses without going too far into the wailing territory of many similar bands.

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