We Plug 2 Y.O.U...Thai Matic - LET ME LAND

Do you often wonder how artists come up with their stage names? I wish I had the opportunity to interview this particular artist, because frankly I would love to know his given name, his government as we would call it.

Emerging UK rapper Thai-Matic together with London lifestyle blog The Whorington present to us his third mix-tape "Let Me Land", a statement about finishing what he starts. The 18 track mix-tape is an expression of his journey, a beautiful blend of personal, introspective tracks alongside club bangers and street anthems, all laced with Thai's cocksure swagger and on point delivery.

Thai-Matic, who alongside being a rapper is a Graphic Designer and Photographer, first appeared on the scene as a member of the group KUZ, who enjoyed laudable success on the UK underground scene. He decided to branch out on his own and I dare say his body of work is showing that he could be a rising star in the UK and maybe even branch out across the ocean like counterparts such as Taio Cruz and Tinie Tempah have done.

I like that Thai - Matic comes out heavy on his first track "A million answers". Straight hip - hop on this, and i loved the production on this. The way the piano starts, hooks you and carries you along all the way to the end, allowing you to focus on the lyrics. I can't help but compare him with "Wale" on this one. Thai is a very strong lyricist tho, not with the puns or entendres, but by telling a good story.
"They say i'm not UK enough, not US enough, they wanna try and get rid of me, but well tough, they better suck it up, i'm here to stay like the Big H, until i'm on The Mirrors front page" 

Again, the Ghanaian Born, Thai-Matic, captivates me with his lyrics on my favorite track off this album "Kick Rocks". I love how the production is totally flipped on this song, this time sounding like the beginnings of a soul track. I love how a rapper can totally kill a slow track, telling the story as effectively as if it were your favorite soul singer on the track. Its an apology song of some sort and I love it.
"Do you remember these words that you used to tell me, when i felt like the world had failed me? You used to say, tell em to kick rocks"

The entire album was executive-produced by Thai-Matic and Kevin Lanre and again I have to give them both their kudos. The production on this third song "Take it Slow" is straight R&B, again totally different, showing how versatile Thai is. Kinda reminiscent of how versatile B.O.B is, forgive the comparison. And his voice blends as well, grimey on a hip hop track and very sexy on this track. That British accent, is a great help though.
"When you on top, you ride that shit like you're the boss, plus....take it slow when you riding girl you know how i like it, when you doing it on top of me"

And last but definitely not the least, this song is just one of those hype songs that speak the truth, "Darkness". On this, Thai features Hip Hop & Reggae UK artist Wundah. Is it just me or can you tell a person's personality from a song? In the chorus where they say " Darkness is spreading now, the streets are getting dreader now, it can only get better now, in the meantime play boy imma prepare for the worst", the pessimism amazes me yet it has a sense of hope, you know the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel like thats an insight into the writer's life and its more than just a song.

So get your download on right after the jump, its been out since July guys, and this is what November, so you know this is mad late. But we still had to plug this to you, so you did not miss out on something good, an early Thanksgiving present if you will. So ENJOY!

Till Next Time

Peace, Love and Good Music


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