We played in this week's We Plug GOOD Music Radio Session, a VERY ecclectic MIX & Selection of New, Emerging, Underground & Established Artists from Full Crate & Mar, Marsha Ambrosius, Vikter Duplaix, Mark De Clive-Lowe to Drake, J.Dilla, BUG, Chiddy Bang, Iron Lyon, Luck-One & Dekk, Donny Goines to Theophilus London, Obenewa, Larri Gardett, Ossie, Floetry, Bugz in the Attic + LOADS MORE 

Full Crate & Mar Ft. Eric Robertson - She Was Fly
Bug - 20 Winks
Mark De Clive-Lowe Ft. Abdul Shyllon - Tide's Arising
Mark De Clive Lowe Ft. Bembe Segue - Heaven
Chiddy Bang Ft. Eldee & Black Thought - Slow Down
Luck-One & Dekk Ft. Nafisaria - When I Forget
London Zoo - Peace Of Mind
Donny Goines Ft. Tanya Morgan & Jeremy Carr - Grateful
Doxx - Smile Sarah
Vick Lavander Ft. Rj Green - Do For Love (Bopstar Miami Mix)
Bug In The Attic - Consequences
Floetry - My Apology

You can listen back on the show right after this JUMP 

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WE Plug 2 Y.O.U... JOONIE

What it do beautiful people? It’s been a minute and I apologize but I’m a 100 % sure you will forgive me after listening to the artist I am about to introduce you.

I’m a true R ‘n’ B head, from the likes of Teddy Pendergrass, Lionel Richie, Baby face, Maxwell and Joe, to name a few and I have often said that we have no true male R ‘n’ B artist in the business lately. Well I was wrong. Calvin “Joonie” Gary, Jr. better known by his stage name JOONIE proves to me that we still have some out there.

American singer, songwriter, arranger and musician Joonie, may not be so new to some of you. He recently toured with American Idol Elliot Yamin (I absolutely love him) and has paid his dues working behind the scenes writing, arranging, producing or playing instrumentals for other artists including, Ruben Studdard, Nappy Roots, Angie Stone and Mos Def (unreleased). Every song on his upcoming album, he produced himself. Anybody say TALENTED?

There is something so smooth about his voice. But before I go on talking, let me let you listen to him yourself….


Did you feel it? I bet you did. No female listening to this wasn’t easily transported into the arms of the man they love. Right? I love his voice, it’s so smooth, and it seems so heartfelt, so real. This is the kind of song for that special somebody, not just anybody. You get me? Sunshine is also featured in the BET Movie “I DO, I DID”

Not convinced yet? Listen to this then

Could you be?

This is my favorite track. I don’t know why? I guess I can relate to the question. Waiting on that one to ask me if I could be his, you know. Sigh. Again I love his voice, sounds so soulful. Who does he remind you of? Somewhere between Anthony Hamilton, Neyo, Ruben Studdard is Joonie, without really sounding like any one of them. In this day and age, it brings joy to my heart to hear such a unique voice.

So Fly

He is showing some versatility on this song. It’s a great song, you want to move to. Am I crazy to think you could hear this in a lounge? It has to be a really “cool” lounge. Like he himself says, “Each of my songs is like my child. I like to take time with each one, nurture it and guide it into maturity until it is ready to be shared. My goal is to create music that actually touches your soul, puts a smile on your face and makes you feel loved.”

Joonie's debut album “Acoustic Love” is out for release on the 27th of April. Color me excited, I am expecting a lot and I’m sure I would not be disappointed. The album is said to expresses his feelings about love and relationships and is explored from a very rare point of view in current popular music; one where romance exists and women are valued and appreciated.

We have deemed this G.O.O.D & REAL MUSIC. What do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts on this one guys. Personally cannot wait for his album on the 27th, make sure to cop yours as well.

Download Sunshine, Could You Be and two other tracks HERE

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OK NOW before we get into this, I wanna ask you to put to one side any and all of the preconceived notions that you might have about what Music is OR should be OR should sound like OR who OR what should be making music OR whatever notions else that you might have about music... Because you are seriously about to be thrown by this... I know I was!!!

So what do we have here then? It's Kellee Maize from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and her songs, according to  her, are about "Yoga, Meditation, Being In the Now, Astrology, Tarot & Spirituality, Zeitgeist & The Venus Project", although after listening to her latest album, the 21-Track 'Aligned Archetype', you'll FIND that her songs are about so MUCH more... Talking about albums, 'Aligned Archetype' which was released earlier on this year, is her second full-length album, after her 2007 debut album 'Age of Feminine' so she's really NOT a newbie in the game.... YOU know what? Let's just get right into the Music yeah?

YUP! That was Kellee Maize on a track titled 'Pulse' & she is, in her own words, a 'White, Blonde, Rapper'... Now you really don't need to lie about this BUT when you saw that picture up top, did you in your wildest imaginations envision hearing what you just heard? Nah you can be honest lol... iLove it! It's just very different from what I'm typically used to... The production on this & as with the overriding musical vibe on this album is quite Baltimore/East-Coast/D.C Club-Scene Sounding... It's Hip-Hop, It's Dub-Step, Its Reggae, Its Dance, Its House... which in itself is quite impressive that the album is still largely about Kellee's lyrics which do NOT get drowned by the varied musical backdrop... It's a HUGE feat in my eyes! While we're on her lyrics, let's check her out on this next record.

What you just heard was 'Third Eye' and one of my favourite records on the 'Aligned Archetype', it's laced with that hippie, intellectual, retrospective lyrical showing that I'm a sucker for, this record is BIG! For some reason, she reminds me of Kid Cudi (a Kid Cudi that I can actually listen to) mixed with Missy Elliot (circa her 'Miss E... So Addictive'/'Under Construction' days) & that's only when she's rapping... Now on bits that she sings, she does her thing & she does her thing WELL!

Are you still doing a double-take at the picture of Kellee as you listen to the music thinking it can't be the same person? Can I just say something because there is something that should be said about this woman's flow... I like the way she switches up & down between that rapid-fire flow, her easy laid-back persona & the melodic spitting style she throws in from time to time. Kelle Maize is DOPE! We're definitely putting our #goodmusic stamp all over this one...  We're gonna share one more record from the album with you, lemme know your thoughts on this one yeah? I'm actually finding it extremely hard picking just one more song for you, I am SO for choice here... OK check this one out, it's called 'Godette'. #SNM

You can download her 'Aligned Archetype' album for free right after the jump & so you should, it's a little over an hour of quality music that's brightened up my weekend even further & with over 150000 downloads already of this album in what, 3 months? I suppose it's safe to say that we're SO VERY late on this one!

Download: Kellee Maize - Aligned Archetype

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