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We Plug GOOD Music is a World Music Blog that's aimed at showcasing and featuring emerging music from all around the world.


Who We Are... What We Do!

Ladies & Gentlemen... Welcome... Welcome to the music lover's heaven! Well maybe not heaven BUT somewhere heavenly. I'm hopin you've read the little info about us on the front banner so you kinda have an idea of what we're all about...

As you must have already gathered, we love Music but NOT just any kind... We love that GOOD Music and we're committed to getting it out to you and the GOOD thing about this is that we are NOT gonna impinge on you what we think GOOD Music is or should be... We'll let you make that distinction yourselves! Of course because we're just like you, we will have our own opinions and thus we should make for very GOOD conversations about GOOD Music and like one of my friends used to say, "what is a GOOD life without GOOD people, GOOD music, GOOD conversations... & GOOD food?"...

SO I dare say Welcome To The GOOD Life... We'll provide the GOOD Music... all you GOOD people gotta do is just provide your discerning ears & we can make GOOD decent conversations!!! "Well what about the GOOD food?", do I hear you ask (lol)??? We'll figure something out, trust me!

Peace xxx

#PS Can you guess how many times the word 'GOOD' was used in our 'About Us' section???

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