G.O.O.D Soul Food Volume 4... iHeart Shanaz Dorsett

Ladies & Gentlemen... Welcome to the fourth installment of our G.O.O.D Soul Food series & I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do! Ever since I thought up this series of features, one artiste has been in my mind's eyes to bring to you... Actually that's a lie, ever since I started this website, I had always wanted to get this 21-year old Singer/Song-writer from London, England by way of Houston, Texas on here for you! My friend Sean Deez a.k.a Mr. Contributing Writer for Kevin Nottingham & OkayPlayer, put me on to the G.O.O.D.N.E.S.S that is Ms. Shanaz Dorsett back in March if my memory serves me correctly & I've been hooked ever since!

Let's just go straight into the music, I think we've waited a while for this one... I Know I have!

That one's called 'Man Thing' with production from We Plug GOOD Music Alumni, REMOT & it was the very first song I heard from the Songstress... As I would eventually call it, the moment the love affair began & what about the production on this record though? Maddd Genius I tell ya BUT you already knew about the kid Remot, didn't ya? Well if you didn't, you need to download his American Gangster Remix album right HERE & NOW for starters (get your knowledge up please!)... Anyway what do you make of 'Man Thing' then? I'm in love with this record... Just listen to the, for the lack of a better phrase, beautifully-vivid lyrics on this... Coupled with Ms. Dorsett's soulful voice & melodies... With Remot's musical backdrops (tell me you hear the flutes on this) that all come together perfectly on 'Man Thing'.

Another gem from Ms. Shanaz Dorsett right after the jump ladies & gentlemen...

What you just experienced is the EOM produced 'Next Life'... You'd remember EOM (Elements of Music) as one half of the L.A/Virginia Hip-Hop group Wax & EOM that were featured on HERE a few months ago... well Goodness hooked up with Goodness and they created this beautiful record about moving on from a break-up & finding one's self... The thing about Shanaz's song-writing (which I will forever go on about) is that it's so real, it's NOT some far-fetched far-away notion about love & heart-break & relationships & life... I'm sorry if that kinda stuff is your thing but I just appreciate the realness of this woman's songs & is it just me BUT aren't those vocals just so soothing to the ear???

Some more Shanaz, did I hear you say? Well you're in luck cos YES we have got some more...

'Would have took a bullet in your defense BUT you shot me with your own hand...' - Shanaz Dorsett (Battle Scars)

As if one Shanaz Dorsett + EOM collaborative work wasn't 'heaven' enough, we've been blessed with two... This one's 'Battle Scars' and if you will, please allow me to marvel at the beautiful music. This is Shanaz's personal favorite & without making any assumptions here, I kinda see why... It's a painful record & quite the personal one on that level I'd imagine plus it sucks your very emotion right in with it (atleast it does mine) & I feel a sense of dejavu coming because this will be the 2nd time I'm saying this about an EOM production BUT there's something eerily haunting about the musical backdrops to the record especially how the keyboards intertwine with Shanaz's vocals... It almost screams out the fear Ms. Dorsett feels towards love and loving again as loud as the lyrics do. Beautiful Music is what it is!!!

We love Shanaz Dorsett here @ We Plug GOOD Music & we hope you heart her too because she is so the BIZINESS... She's currently working on her debut E.P which should be with us sometime in 010 so prepare your ears ladies & gentlemen, it's gonna be amazing! However while I've still got you here, let's enjoy some more GOOD Music from her, shall we?

Shanaz Dorsett ROCKS! Get with it OR go home... Can I just say that I love people that believe in love, that have faith in it or like my friend would say, that love 'LOVE' & this song, titled 'Need Love' as produced by Remot, shows me that Shanaz is a big fan of 'love' (don't you need to be to write love songs? I dunno lol) and as if to say there is hope yet left for her & all the hopeless romantics out there... After all the heart-break on 'Battle Scars' & the walking away on 'Next Life', the hope springs eternal on 'Need Love' & not that she's found some 'new' love but that after all that, after all is said & done, she still will embrace 'LOVE'. This is my favorite Shanaz Dorsett song, it's a hopeful soulful record that blows me away every time + if there's anything I need right now, it's hopeful & soulful...

Soooo... what's your two pence on Ms. Dorsett? Lemme know aight!!!

Until the Next Time...

ONE MIC II... The GOOD Soul Food Edition

SO Ladies & Gentlemen... We Plug GOOD Music are back on this thing... & with the GOOD people @ the dMP! Why don't I just let you read the PLUG for the showcase? After The JUMP!


After the successful first installment of the ONE MIC series, we're back with the sequel - ONE MIC II... The GOOD Soul Food Edition... & In OUR bid to continuously keep plugging that GOOD MUSIC & our consistent commitment to bringing the best evenings & night-outs 2 London... ONE MIC simply boasts the premier avenue for new and upcoming performers to take a stage and do what they love in front of a wide range of audiences that may OR may NOT have heard their material BUT will definitely appreciate the ART.


'We Plug G.O.O.D Music' is our avenue used to promote GOOD music from new and upcoming artistes globally. We ideally wanna push the true artform of music and NOT necessarily what industry calls 'good'.

The dMp which started as Four Brothers from different Mothers, is a Premier Event Planner in the City of London. We certainly have our fingers in many pies and We're all about having fun and giving the City of London the best entertainment possible.


For this here October showcase which we've dubbed 'The GOOD Soul Food Edition' (you know how I love me some soul music), before anything was put to paper...

I had a vision in my mind's eyes of who I wanted to have on the bill and everytime, this woman came up... Her name is Cynthia Erivo & ever since I saw her LIVE at Promo back in April & at The Sunday Show, I have been, for the lack of a better word, hooked BUT why don't I let you hear what I'm talking about...

Cynthia Erivo - Maybe

We also wanted to bring back crowd favorite Byron Gold from the first One Mic... Let's JUST say that Mr. Gold has some unfinished business on the One Mic stage... Mr. Gold is quite simply the epitome of GOOD Soul Music... From when you can get to support for a legend like Keith Sweat, we gotta tip our hat off to you Sir! Check out Mr. Gold right after the jump...

Byron Gold - No Man's Land

& For the longest time, I knew I was looking for something to add to the quite stellar One Mic II string of performers BUT I just didn't what it was... Something special, something undeniable... & the very brilliant Daniel 'Delerious' Konteh of Delerious Productions pointed me in the right direction by way of the very talented, very soulful Mr. Enrico Delves! He's done his thing on the MOBOs stage, he's graced the Jazz Cafe & NOW he's coming to bless the ONE MIC stage... Check him doing a cover of the Late Great Michael Jackson right here...

Enrico Delves - Butterflies

We also reached out to two of We Plug GOOD Music's very own alumni, Sonya 'La-La' Irabor & The Bahd Guy, Falz to bring some original WePlugGOODMusic SWAGGER to the One Mic stage... What can I say about these two young talents that I haven't already said, check it out HERE! Y'all know how I Heart Ms. Irabor, like from day 1... SHe's NOT only got a voice that I adore, her song-writing skills keep evolving with each record I hear... She can so get the business (HAHA inside joke lol) & as for Falz... well why don't I just let you hear some stuff... Peep the new Sonya record as well after the JUMP (my new fav phrase, bear with me!)

Falz - Be With You

Sonya 'La-La' Irabor - Mr. Swagger

And that's only half of what we've got lined up for you @ ONE MIC II... The GOOD Soul Food Edition! WHat's that thing they say about 'A GOOD player Never shows his full hand'? YES that one... so BY all means, come October 25th @ 6P.M, the only place that you should be is ONE MIC II @ Vibe Live... Stay with me for a moment while I run through the important details you should know! After the JUMP...


Vibe Live
The Old Truman Brewery
91-95 Brick Lane
E1 6QL


For advanced £7.50 tickets, Call any of our HOTLINES... Expect to pay considerably more on the door...


Dress Code - Smart Casual (No Hats, No Trainers BUT Smart Shoes are allowed) & I.Ds may be required.

Arrive early to register your interest in performing in the Open-Mic Session!!!

And that's it Ladies & Gentlemen... We Plug GOOD Music & The dMp = Kind of a BIG DEAL!

Until the Next Time...
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