We Plug 2 Y.O.U... Sam Sure & Giacomo

So just the other day, I was at a live Hip-Hop showcase over in North London and I was absolutely intrigued and impressed by this particular emerging duo that I had never seen or heard of before. That simple fact in addition to the really amazing live performance they put on (more so the really amazing live performance) really piqued my interest and I thought I'd share them with you...

Originally hailing from Canterbury and now pitching their artistic tent in South London, this duo go by the name of Sam Sure & Giacomo and you'd be hard pressed to find a singular genre that rightly describes their music. Starting off with Hip-Hop as their launch pad and veering into such territories as Indie-Pop and Electro, Experimental or Alternative are descriptions that come easily to mind but those would be cop-outs because I feel their music says much more BUT why don't I let you just listen to some music?

That which you just heard is a very massive track titled 'I Need A Drink' (I implore you to listen back to it) and is hands down, one of my favourite songs right now... On this one, Sam Sure gets really deep about coping with the loss of his father on this beautifully laced production and straight away, it's the compelling lyrics that especially draw you in plus the musical backdrop just adds a funky but also that introspective soulful hip-hop feel to it! Lemme know what you think about this one, will you?

As per usual, we've got some more music for your listening pleasure...

... This one is called 'Keep Me Safe' and it comes in the same vein as the previous track we listened to but this one is more up-tempo with more energy and I'm really enjoying the oddly melodic hook attached to this song, although I was hoping it would kind take off further than it does if you get what I mean. I know we're in Winter and all that but this gives me that Summery feeling... Picture chilling in a garden pub with some cider and the DJ blasting this through the PA system? I am definitely digging this! & did you notice that extra energy Sam Sure injects into the second verse or was it just me? I like this dude + the way he crafts his verses + the way he tells his story... He makes it so easy to connect with the song.

This song is called 'How Do You Feel?' and it is so far removed from the traditional Hip-Hop sound I talked about on 'I Need A Drink' or on any Hip-Hop record you can think of for that matter. While it shows the duo's diversity in creating music, I must admit that this is my least favourite song of theirs and it may just be because I'm too much of a Hip-Hop head but Sam Sure & Giacomo are not your usual Hip-Hop act and this song reminds you of that. I'm not quite sure I like this one but I'm sure it'll have it fans and you might like it so I put it out just for your perusal.

This duo reckon they are the band to watch in 2011 and having seen them perform live and checked out quite a few of their records, I wouldn't bet against them blowing up next year. I really like their music and their whole vibe. With influences such as Jamie T, The Streets, Lily Allen, Joni Mitchell, Prince, Carol King & David Bowie, it's not hard to see how the sounds of Sam Sure & Giacomo just will not fit into a generic box and I think that's a good thing for them going forward. If they can steadily churn out massive songs like 'I Need A Drink' & catchy anthems like 'Keep Me Safe', then their's is definitely a name we want to get familiar with now!

Definitely #GoodMusic Certified!!!

Download: Sam Sure & Giacomo - I Need A Drink || How Do You Feel?

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  1. I have been to a few of there gigs and everytime am just blown away by just how good they are, truly this band is going to be massive very soon.

  2. These guys are going far. I have listened to their music and what else can i say? I've seen them around and they are refreshing, funky, cool and unique!

  3. They are playing at The Cobden Club on Friday 19th!!

  4. Loved the first two songs...really nice


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