We Plug To You... Bridget Kelly - Every Girl

I know nothing about music. That’s the conclusion I came to after I listened to Bridget Kelly for the first time today. I mean, how do I call myself a music connoisseur of high caliber and not ever have heard of Bridget KellyI’m just saying that if you would like to revoke my card right now, I would be totally OK with that. However, better late than never right? Exactly, right and just in case you are like me and you had never heard of Bridget Kelly - in all likelihood, you probably have but maybe not the music - until you came through here, let me introduce you to the sultry 23-year old singer, who quite frankly is probably one of the freshest voices I have heard in the R&B scene, all year long!

We Plug To You... Timi Dakolo - Beautiful Noise

The date - May 26, 2007... The event - Season One of West Africa Idols... The Place - Planet One, Lagos, Nigeria. Suspense fills the air as the announcer starts off with "Now Africa, your votes has been counted... May I have the envelopes, please?", as a male and a female sway on stage and the crowd screams as the words that follow are, "the winner of Idols West Africa, 2007 is...". The winner of the first season of that reality talent show - the West African version of the popular Pop Idol TV series which debuted on British television in 2001 - is who we're plugging to you today! We Plug to You... Timi Dakolo.

We Plug To You... Ben Howard - Every Kingdom

Last week (October 3, 2011), one of my favorite artists so far this year and - in my opinion - one of the best new artists of 2011 released his debut album via Island Records. Born and raised in Devon (United Kingdom) and with a certain penchant for classic 60s and 70s singer/songwriters like Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Richie Havens which he picked up from his very musical parents, this 24-year old British "acoustic troubadour" and "keen surfer" dropped out of a Journalism course at Falmouth College (six months before graduation) in 2008 to pursue music full-time.

The outcome - three years down the line - is a recording contract with the label home of the likes of legends such as Nick Drake and John Martyn, a BBC Radio 1 playlisted single in the very excellent "Keep Your Head Up" which we will explore much later, an army of devoted followers that have led to numerous sold-out headline gigs in not only the UK but also in France, Germany and Holland and a fifty minutes long 10-track debut LP that is one of the BEST ALBUMS OF 2011... His name is Ben Howard and the album is called Every Kingdom.

We Plug To You... Show Dem Camp - The Dreamer Project

Hello everyone, it's the start of the best month ever. What, you didn't know October was special? Well it is, because it's my birth month and I'm awesome even if I do say so myself. But this is not why you are here and that's fair. The good news is that you are about to be introduced to another dope act from Nigeria. We seem to be churning great acts en mass out of the motherland and I must say I am really impressed as is obvious by the fact that my last couple reviews have been Nigerian Acts and the international recognition that a few of our artists have gotten in recent months only goes to show. Its definitely a good look and that is why I am proud and dare I say honored to introduce to you the duo Olumide 'Ghost' Ayeni and Wale 'Tec' Davis that make up the group Show Dem Camp (SDC) with the release of their debut album The Dreamer Project

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