We Plug to You... BJ The Chicago Kid - Pineapple Now-Laters (Album Review)

OK so Pineapple Now - Laters is actually a candy! When I first heard the intro to this record, I thought  BJ was just reciting some really cool Spoken Word with some deeper meaning but he’s actually just talking about candy people! Apparently it was his favourite candy as a kid and in previous interviews, he has stated that this pre-album is just a taste of everything BJ - he refers to it as "World Soul R&B". I refer to it as a perfect mix of all things Soul and GOOD.

We Plug To You... Stacy Barthe

Hey folks! Apologies for the hiatus, but I’m back with an artist that you just have to hear about. I like to consider myself knowledgeable about music but it looks like somehow this Singer-Songwriter missed my radar last year.

She recently made it on to our Best New & Emerging Music list and with no further ado I present to you, Singer/Songwriter Stacy Barthe. Like most songwriters who transition into performing artists, Stacy’s first EP Sincerely Yours came about by her wondering what would happen if she answered the calling she felt within to create a personal work of art and to perform her own songs. Following that successful EP from 2011, came the birth of her most recent work In The Inbetween which was released in February 2012. Below is an excerpt on Stacy from her official website.

The Best NEW & EMERGING Music - Week 6 & Week 7, 2012

It's been a very eventful fourteen days in music and that is putting it very mildly. We begin this article by paying our respects to the late great Whitney Houston who passed away on February 11, 2012. May her soul rest in perfect peace and our condolences go out to the entire Houston family.

Now unto today's proceedings, we have been sifting through all the new and emerging music that has come away over the last two weeks - from February 6 to February 19 - and as we usually do, we've selected only the best of the best to share with you. Here are our Best New & Emerging Music from weeks SIX (06/02/12 - 12/02/12) and weeks SEVEN (13/02/12 - 19/02/12) of 2012.

We Plug To You... Cris Cab - Echo Boom

It's bad enough that this is only second article of the year and February is already upon us - makes me shudder at how fast it's all going. Before you know it, the year will be over again but thankfully, that will come with so much good music for us to share with you on a weekly basis and I am very much excited about that, aren't you?

This artist is no stranger on here as I had the pleasure of reviewing his debut EP titled Foreword last year. Having already made it into our list of The Best New & Emerging Music twice so far this year - a list that I am sure, he will be on a couple more times - I would like to re-introduce to you to Miami native Singer/Songwriter Cris Cab with his new mixtape titled Echo Boom presented by none other than the Billionaire Boy's Club.

We Plug To You... Emeli Sande - Our Version Of Events (Album Review)

Hi everyone. Filled with a mixture of sadness and joy today, with the demise of the Great Whitney Houston and with Adele, sweeping the Grammy's over the weekend, it seems rather poetic. Gone is a legend - with a voice so pure - and in comes, a woman that I suspect will be a legend in her own right with a voice just as pure. It's the magic that we call life. Our artist today, has two things in common with the late Whitney and Adele...

We Plug To You... Lánre

Talk of songs that tell a story... Of fresh unadulterated natural music from the roots... Of music that is organic, music that is unplugged, music that is fresh from the garden of Soul and inspiring from the garden of life and we can only be talking about the special and beautifully simple UK-based Nigerian singer/songwriter by the name of Lánre.

We Plug to You... Elle Varner - Conversational Lush Mixtape

Los Angeles native Elle Shellise Varner was born - February 12, 1989 - into a musical household with both her parents being notable songwriters and publishers. It then comes as no surprise that at the tender age of six, Elle began her musical journey - playing various musical instruments from the flute to the piano and then the guitar. In 2008, she graduate from New York University’s renowned Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music and by October 2009, Elle had signed with RCA Records alongside securing a publishing agreement with Sony Music. All perks of a musical household or is there something about Elle Varner?

The Best NEW & EMERGING Music - Week 4 & Week 5, 2012

Happy NEW month ladies and gentlemen. Apologies for the hiatus last week and we could get into a little back and forth about what happened to us BUT what good would that do anyone? What's important is that we're here NOW and we've got two full weeks of NEW and EMERGING music to sift through to bring you some of the Best New and Emerging Music from over the past two weeks especially for your listening pleasure. So without wasting anymore time, here are our very TOP picks of the Best New and Emerging Music of weeks FOUR (23/01/12 - 29/01/12) and FIVE (30/01/12 - 05/02/12) of 2012.

We Plug to You... Lana Del Ray - Born To Die (Album Review)

The sensational 25-year old Lana Del Ray - aka the "gangsta Nancy Sinantra" - first hit the mainstream in the second half of last year with her vintage homemade video for the massive "Video Games" single and it quickly created a cult following for her hard to place sultry voice landing her plaudits from everyone who is anyone in music and a record deal with Interscope and Polydor! While speculations remain rife about her new identity and why she ditched her old name Lizzy Grant for the more stylish Lana Del Ray to boost her career to stardom and trust me, we could get into our own back and forth about that, fortunately for you that is not what we are about here! Whether she goes by the name Lizzy Grant or Del Ray, there is no disputing that she makes good music despite what name she answers to...

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