WPGM Exclusive... Terry Tha Rapman - The Joe Spazm Mixtape

Now for me personally, Nigerian Hip-Hop can be very very HIT & MISS... On one end of the spectrum, you find the likes of M.I, Naeto C, Kel, Mode Nine, Iceprince, Teeto & only a few other credible EMCEES (& even some of these guys Bottle it sometimes) but on the other end, well you have the rest of them really (YES I WENT THERE, LET THE HATE MAILS COMMENCE) so when my homegirl This M.Et.Al Chic sent me in this 23-track mixtape by one 'Terry Tha Rapman', I was a bit intrigued by what this emcee had to offer... I remember hearing his 2000 refix of Eminem's 'My Name is', 'I Am A Nigerian' which was quite catchy to say the least, with witty lyrics & a cool flow... Dont fret, it's on the mixtape when you download it!

Anyway the mixtape is titled 'The Joe Spazm Mixtape', it features a wide array of the who's who of what's HOT in 2009 Nigerian Hip-Hop (only noteable omissions would be M.I & Naeto C to be honest) & it's hosted by D.J Jimmy Jatt (if you're into the Nigerian music scene & you dunno him then you're LOST!)... Let's go straight into our favorite CUTS right after the JUMP, shall we?

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What you just heard is Terry ripping to shreds the now infamous 'A Milli' record... Now I'm sure you have heard a million & one freestyles over this record & from the best of them aswell BUT I reckon I rate this one quite highly... Very witty Master P/Naeto C/R.Kelly punch-lines & I know that M.I... C line got you too lol!

'She wants to BLOW so below my belt is where her lips be' - Terry Tha Rapman

On to the NEXT one...

Electronic Press Kit
Can I just say quickly that I love the original record so much... Busta Rhymes/Lil Wayne/Jadakiss init? & Jada completely owns this BEAT so it was exciting to see Terry GO in on this record because for me, this is one of them HIT or MISS records... It's either you totally take the cake or you totally bottle it as an EMCEE on this record & I think him & Othello really did the track justice... Good thing it is the first track you hear on the mixtape because it gives you the impetus to carry on listening... I like this record & Othello really UPPED his game on his verse! CLAP FOR EM!!!

'Boys are NOT smiling Until we buy our own Island!' - Terry Tha Rapman

Another HEAVY Hitter?

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So what do you get when you mix three of the BEST Nigerian EMCEES in the circuit right now? Well this is exactly what you get! The track's titled 'John 3:16s' and Terry Tha Rapman, Teeto & Iceprince GO in over one of Busta Rhymes' classic records to give us one of the highlights of the 'Joe Spazm Mixtape', well one of my highlights anyway...

What do you think of Terry Tha Rapman so far? I like him if I'm being perfectly honest. He's not gimmicky which I totally appreciate and over 23 tracks, he's got me sold on not only his rap skills but I reckon he can carve out his lane in the industry and just work it... well we'll see, won't we?

I'll lace y'all with one more record off of the mixtape, lemme know what you think?

Play Gigs
I only have one question after listening to that record & it's the same question everytime... WHO THE HELL IS THAT FEMCEE on the first verse & in the words of J.Cole, I'm wondering 'Where the F**K they find her'??? The woman is straight fire on those rhymes yo + her flow is impeccable IMO & oh did that Ghetto-P bring it on his verse aswell or did he just bring it? All round GOODness all over the classis 'Swagger Like Us' cut!!!

Download the whole MIXTAPE HERE & ENJOY some proper Nigerian Hip-Hop!!!

Until the Next Time...

Download 'The Joe Spazm Mixtape'

We Plug 2 Y.O.U... Shadez The Futuristic MisFit

Firstly I feel an apology is due... 'Where the hell have I been?', You ask & 'Oh I dunno! Jus been around?', IS all I got! I do apologise though...

BUT without wasting too much time @ 'HELLO' (cos let's face it, we're all here for the music), allow me to introduce you to a UK artiste I stumbled into back in July if memory serves me right... He is very different to what you would ordinarily be used to & that's only one of the reasons I very much like this artiste... Think N*E*R*D, Think Gym Class Heroes, Think Flying Lotus, Think a lil bit of Atmosphere (only a lil bit though)... I want you to think Indie/Electro/Hip-Hop laced with real-life, cleverly-laced & thought-provoking lyrics... I want you to think New Age... I want you to think... BUT I also need you to prepare your ears!

Electronic Press Kit
Pleas permit me to claw you back from that 3-minute EarGasm! I did say 'Prepare your Ears' (& you know I don't use words flippantly lol)... What you just heard is titled 'FastLane Dame' by 19-year old South Londoner, SHADEZ who is also a fashion designer for BAPE, Converse & 'ASK YOUR GIRL' Clothing. The Front-man for The San Sherifs' who is set to release his debut solo EP 'Shadez: The Futuristic Misfit' (sounds like a 3010 Super-Hero Animation film, doesn't it?) describes his sound as Urban/Indie/Retro as well as Electro-tinted & Futuristic AND we LOVE it! We find it futile trying to decipher all the sounds our ears are hearing on 'FastLane Dame' but we CANNOT keep still & our head is bopping all over the place to this one! OUR VERDICT? This is a HUGE record! Shadez is definitely FuturistiC with it!

First thoughts? BE HONEST lol!

Let's jump into some more Music from the Futuristic Misfit...

standalone player
Here's a record titled 'Stuck In Between' and we culled this one from his live performance at The Cordless Show which you can check out HERE (Fastlane Dame comes in @ 1.43minutes so pay it NO mind lol)... As you already know, I'm a sucker for organic LIVE music and this record does it so much for me! These (heavily synthesized) instruments... Lead guitar, keys & drums all fuse together to compliment Shadez lazy but comfortable flow & catchy lyrics to create this ridiculously amazing musical experience, with the bass guitar giving the music that added life it needs just at the right moments... This is Beautiful Music is all I'm saying...

Some more Shadez after the JUMP!!!

Digital Press Kits
& that which you have just heard is a collaborative effort with fellow Hip-Hopper & Cordless-Show Alumni, the very talented Kay Young on another Electro Head-Banger titled 'Dough'... Shadez completely owns this record IMO and the way he rides the beats on this one is impeccable! He brings that mid-temp effortless flow to this fast-paced & thumping record and he makes it work... His name is SHADEZ & you should take NOTE!

SO tell me ladies & gentlemen... what do you think of this fella Shadez... We Plug GOOD Music thinks he is the truth! & We CANNOT wait to listen to the E.P! With a name as captivating as 'The Futuristic Misfit' and records such as 'Stuck InBetween' & 'FastLane Dame' that we've just heard, I think it'd be safe to say that it's gonna be a brilliant body of work...

Until the Next Time...

You've just been introduced to Shadez... The Futuristic Misfit!!!

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