We Plug to You... Keaton Henson - Dear...

OK, I’m sorry but I just can’t seem to start this article in any of the conventional ways I know. I mean, right now I’m listening to a song by our featured artist and I just feel so compelled to talk about it right now! I just can’t wait to introduce this artist to you and we’ll get to that in a minute but first we just have to talk about this masterpiece of a song - which by the way is not on the album I'm featuring/reviewing (heaven knows why) but is none the less still worth PLUGGING!

"The Drowning" is the name of the very first song I am plugging to you from this artist, and not to sound too morbid or anything but if I was going to commit suicide or "drown" myself, it would have to be to this beautifully depressing song! I literally pressed play and that was it - I was utterly captured in his description of his shipwreck of emotions. He describes the love he shares with this person as an old weary boat, and how the water is gushing in and he’s more likely to drown but for her love, it’s worth it!!! If the film Titanic was cool instead of corny, it would have had this as its soundtrack. "The Drowning" - backed only by acoustic guitar strings - is so honest and deep, that it physically hurts to listen to but you just can’t bring yourself to press the stop button. The stillness in your mind it creates is just something out of this world and it’s almost like you would be quite happy to just sit on this boat he sings of while it loses its battle against the waves and just happily drown! I could really go on and on with my not so comprehensive descriptions of "The Drowning" but it might still never quite hit home so you literally have to press play below, perhaps more than once!

We Plug To You... Childish Gambino - CAMP

I’m disappointed I hadn’t heard of Donald Glover prior to receiving the link to his latest album CAMP and if you’ve heard of the rapper who goes by the stage name Childish Gambino, you’re one up on me.

Born September 25, 1983, Donald Glover is an actor, a comedian, a writer and - adding to his list of talents - a rapper and a producer. He has attended the Dekalb School of the Arts in Atlanta, Georgia and also graduated from NYU with a degree in Dramatic Writing in 2006. No surprises there as Donald was a writer for Tina Fey's NBC series 30 Rock for two years and won the Writer's Guild of America Award for his work on the show's third season. He also starred in the popular US TV show Community as Troy Barnes as well as writing for Jon Stewart's The Daily Show amongst other roles in TV and Film. With music, Donald started out in college dropping a few mixtapes here and there, and by few I mean many. His most famous project till date - the album Culdesac - was released last year and now we feature his brand new album titled CAMP. To be precise, CAMP is his fourth album but first commercial release which is scheduled for release on November 15 under Glassnote Records. Lest I forget, Donald also DJs under the moniker mcDJ and has released a number of mixes under this name. I ask is there anything this man can’t do? Let's get into some of the amazing music to expect on CAMP, shall we?

We Plug To You... Martyna Baker - The Demo's

I first heard and saw Martyna Baker back in the Autumn of 2009 - it was a showcase for BBC Sound of 2011 nominee Daley, she was one of the two supporting acts to open for him - and despite the annoyingly noisy crowd and reception at the otherwise intimate Ruby Lo venue in London, Martyna Baker, along with her guitar, delivered a beautiful selection of acoustic songs that simply just blew me away. Unfortunately or otherwise, in the two years that have proceeded after that performance, I haven't seen or heard much of Martyna or her music except for news of an odd gig here or there but fast forward to this week and all that seems rather irrelevant because Ms. Martyna Baker has - out of nowhere - gone and released a short but sweet "introduction" if you will of her music to her wider audience by way of a 5-track EP simply titled Martyna Baker - The Demo's and can I just say right off the bat that it's an AMAZING debut EP from the London-based singer, songwriter and musician - without question!

We Plug To You... Lucy Rose

22-year old singer, song writer and musician Lucy Rose grew up in the country side and spent her early teenage years learning how to play the saxophone, piano, guitar and drums in the basement of the family house. By the age of 19, she made a run for London and started off singing in little rooms above pubs to a highly inebriated audience night after night. It wasn't long before her unique voice and songwriting abilities captured the ears of true fans which subsequently increased her gigging and put her on the radar. She’s been on the scene properly since the start of last year, is under the management of Black Book Management - who also manage Razorlight and Ghost Cat - and is currently supporting Ben Howard on his UK-wide tour. Lucy’s voice alone is capturing but coupled with her heart felt lyrics and beautiful melodies, her songs are just magical. She sings Acoustic/Folk/Pop in a way that keeps you captivated no matter what genre of music you are into. Here are a few tracks that made me an instant fan of Lucy Rose!

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