We Plug 2 Y.O.U... Belle

OK I have been very very naughty because I've been sitting on top of this feature NOW for about 4/5 weeks and I do apologise (and then you say, 'Save it! You always Apologise! You Never Mean It!') and I do mean it this time... Music this good should never be sat on OR slept on SO please don't sleep on this one...

I wanna introduce you to Ms. Belle Moore-Benham or better simply known as Belle, UK-Based (Originally from the mighty HUDDERSFIELD) Soul & Jazz Singer/Song-Writer with just the right hints of Trip-Hop... This passionate artist & consumate performer in Belle has seen her grace World-renowned venues & gigs in the UK such as The Jazz Cafe, Proud Galleries, The Royal Court Theatre Bar & The Walthamstow Festival to mention but a few. From the jump, Her music captivates you and you seriously do NOT wanna switch her off... Something about this woman's voice just oozes So Much Soul...

WHat you just heard was 'Crazy Little Thing' and I am so in love with this song!

OK I'll actually stop talking NOW & let you hear something from Belle! Production on this is courtesy Requiem and does Belle ride this well or not? I know all my #neo-soul heads are bopping to this one & my #trip-hop heads are feeling the vibes too... Trip-Hop does come to mind as the musical arrangements kick in BUT it does have that 'neo-soul' vibe to it, doesn't it? That is all her doing, trust me! She takes the music wherever she wants with it & does it brilliantly... Something about her voice on this record though... it's soothing, it's sensual... it's Quality!

SO we're gonna jump right in to another record from this Requiem & Belle collaboration after the jump, let's see what you think?

That one's titled 'To & Fro', how are we liking this one? There ain't nothing better than some downtempo music to chill-out to on a fine Sunday afternoon though! Actually this record works on any day of the week in my opinion... Listen to what Requiem is doing on the background though... that futuristic/alien electronica sound that starts off the arrangement? Yes that one!!! How does he do that? It's f**king beautiful! & what about this Belle woman though? She just sounds SO effortless... SO minimal & it just comes out beautifully! It's #goodmusic

We've got one more record for ya... Check it!

That was 'Delicious Delicacies' as produced by DJ 2Tall... This is my favorite record from the 3 records we've featured today... I dunno why but I see a rapper on this production, it just sounds so 'Hip-Hop' to me BUT I hear Belle completely own this record & I cannot wait to hear the E.P when it comes out... I cannot get enough of this record though, when I first received it, I couldn't stop playing it. There's something about Belle's voice, it's easy on the ear BUT it also holds your attention, it's beautiful... it just is! That #beautifulmusic is Belle!!!

Ofcourse I'd love to hear your take on this amazing woman and the records you've just heard so please leave a comment for us & for her too...

Until the Next Time...

Peace, Love & GOOD Music!!!

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  1. The Goddess that came to save the Queen

    Beatifully Done


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