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Happy New Year Ladies & Gentlemen, I do apologise that we had to wait until February for our first feature of 2010. We will FIX UP, LOOK SHARP as from now on so expect some great features and music from the very best NEW & Emerging Artistes... We'll also be introducing two new contributing writers into the WPGM website so look out for them BUT unto the REAL reason we're all HERE...

Only by a stroke of luck did I bump into this amazing Singer/Song-Writer sometime last year on Facebook & I must say that I have been hooked ever since. Her name is Holly Rubenstein and this Surrey native + LSE student (Social Anthropology) describes her sound as a fusion of Pop, Soul and R&B and after one look at her biography, I should say that it is such a travesty that this lady with countless bundles of talent has remained under our radar until now...

Finalist at the UK Song-Writing Competition for two years in a row... From performing at the Barbican and Royal Festival Hall from an early age of 15 to now gracing prestigious live music venues such as Ronnie Scotts, Cafe De Paris & The Bedford, this 21-year old Starlet might be unto something when she calls herself one of 2010's most exciting additions to the Music scene. The Guardian and Paul Gambaccini of Radio 2 seem to agree...

Let's JUST dive right into the Music, shall we?

What you just heard was 'Rose Tinted Spectacles' and if this isn't just a beautifully crafted song then I dunno what is! The first thing that grabs me about this song is the subtle musical arrangement, courtesy of Grammy-Award winning producer Mark Eldridge aka Kipper (Think Sting, Gary Numan, Clay Aitken, Mary J. Blige!) and how well it gels with Ms. Rubenstein's sultry and somewhat soothing voice. You can immediately tell that Holly's voice has been well-honed over the years, you can hear the precision in almost every note/pitch & the amazing thing is it doesn't take away from the purity of her voice. I quite like this song.

What do you make of it though?

Some more Holly Rubenstein after the jump? Yeah why the hell Not!!!

This record is titled 'I Know You Know'... Very different vibe from the first record we heard from Ms. Rubenstein but I think I prefer this one if I'm being honest. The production on this doesn't take the backseat as much or even at all compared to 'Rose Tinted Spectacle' and it's got that Pop/Dance vibe to it that I just die for when it works & it works very well on this record + is it me or does this record have just a pinch of some Jazz/Funk in it? Just a tiny bit? What else can I say about this lady's voice? I mean, you can hear it for yourself... Why don't you tell me what you hear? This is the voice that renowned NYC Radio Plugger, Paul Brown described as 'even more soulful than Adele or Duffy'... I hate comparisons personally BUT I believe that Holly Rubenstein can easily hold her own with the likes of Adele & Duffy, her voice is definitely edgier and I Like Edgy!

OK So I think it'd be safe to say that Holly Rubenstein + Mark Eldridge = A WIN! OR what do you make of their partnership? I think it works and you could ask how I can tell from just two records but I think 'two records' is more than enough to tell if there's that needed chemistry between an artist and producer. On this occasion, the chemistry is bursting at the seams.

However this is just my opinion and you know we need your opinion as well to make anything official around here... So let's hear it, what are your thoughts on Ms. Holly Rubenstein?

Until the Next Time...

Peace, Love & G.O.O.D.M.U.S.I.C

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Enjoy x

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