We Plug 2 Y.O.U...Notoriety

It’s not every day you get G.O.O.D Music delivered to your doorstep, well in this case our email. This was the case when we first heard about the group we are about to introduce to you. The birth place of Hip – Hop Is America definitely, Bronx NY to be precise not so much Boston, and this group is out to put their city on the map.

Vydle Sines, Incredible Chuck, JustRite and The Technician (Producer) make up Hip – Hop group NOTORIETY from Boston, Ma and we present to you their first E.P The Toast. Twelve solid songs, great production and instrumentals, and they go hard on the lyrics. Boston, Stand UP & Represent!!!!

Let’s get right to it, why don’t we?

“I’m in like with her” is what you just heard. I totally love the way this song starts, there’s something very jazzy about it don’t you think? I love the use of instruments on this song and I’ve been trying to figure out what each instrument is. Did you also notice something about the first rapper? He has a lisp doesn’t he? I think that is JustRite (real name Brandon) and I absolutely love how unique his voice comes off on this track. What do you think? “Music is my number one girl, and the gift that I give her is words”. At first I thought this song was to a girl, but it sounds like it’s an ode to music. That speaks of great word play, I think. This is my favorite song on here, as you can tell.

What you just finished listening to is “What I Do”. Again I’m a sucker for a good beat; it makes me want to listen closely to the lyrics, to see if they made good use of it. This song to me is the best lyrically from all three rappers and you can hear their confidence and their fight to show what it is they do on this track. Incredible Chuck (real name Charleson) said it best “the goal is radios overflow with hip-hop soul”. Will there ever be an album that does not address haters? I like this song though, what do you think about it?

That last one was called “Rashmatics”. True hip-hop heads will like this one; I love the word play on this one especially by the first rapper Vydle Sinez (real name Vital). They all went hard on this track. It’s easy especially as a female to love rap, if you can recognize the metaphors (is that the right term?), cleverly used puns and tight punch lines.

Kudos to their producer, The Technician (real name Jonathan), he did a real good job on this EP. I like The Toast and this is just a prequel to their mixtape coming soon titled J.A.M…Just A Mixtape… You see what I was saying about clever use of words? Download the EP, right here. Be sure to check them out on their blog http://notorietymusic.blogspot.com, follow them on twitter @ http://twitter.com/notorietymusic and join them on myspace at http://www.myspace.com/influencenotoriety

I look forward to what the crew from Boston, will be bringing forth. We call them G.O.O.D, do you agree? Please let us know what you think on this one, did we, well in this case, did I get it right?

Until the Next Time...
Peace, Love & GOOD Music!!!


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