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Hey folks, I’m really hoping you haven’t heard about this artist just yet but in the case that some of you have then I’m most certain it is due to his recent breakthrough video - the one that shadows D. Angelo’s “How Does It Feel” from back in the day, you know the one!

That said, I plug to you emerging artist… Timothy Bloom. The singer, songwriter, composer and producer was born in El Paso, Texas but was raised by his parents in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Since the age of 14, he has been in a love affair with instrumentation - playing drums, piano, guitar, and bass. Amongst other things, Timothy is also the 3rd person to play on Nat King Cole’s grand piano besides Stevie Wonder, which is a huge accomplishment in its own.

The full breadth of Bloom’s talents can be linked to being influenced by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Sly and the family stone, Bob Marley, The Beatles, Cat Stevens, Jeff Buckley, Betty Wright, Marvin Gaye, and Bill Withers and over the years, he has had the pleasure of working and writing for artists such as Smokey Robinson (My World, Fallin in Love), Ne-Yo (Say it) and Usher (Papers) just to name a few. Recently he penned and produced the track “All Back” on the new FAME album from Chris Brown.

Following the steps of some other songwriters, Bloom has decided to explore his talents on the stage and has scored a record deal with Zone 4 and Timbaland's Mosley Music Group with distribution coming via Interscope Records. The father of two wishes to carry the torch for the legendary musicians that have paved the way for many and he starts off with The Budding Rose, a four-song EP which he recently released on iTunes.

Now on to the music… This first track has to probably be my best from Timothy Bloom, but I won’t try and influence your opinion right away. 'This May Be' starts off with the words “here we go again” as Bloom narrates this love story from his point of view, painting a picture of a dysfunctional relationship he is in over bold electronic guitar riffs and complimentary drum patterns. The singer/songwriter clearly expresses his emotions in his voice with falsetto adlibs perfectly placed throughout the song. This one is not your classic R&B track, but will definitely leave you wanting to hear more from this burgeoning artist.

This next track 'Til the end of Time' - Timothy Bloom's official debut single - showcases a very strong vocal range from Bloom. He passionately speaks to a female character that when death comes for him, his legacy should live on through their seed. The somewhat deep and touching lyrics are performed equally well by his feature - the glorious Veronika Bozeman as their voices match and compliment one another without ever overpowering or impinging on one or the other on this acoustic musical backdrop backed solely by lush bass guitar licks. Beautifully performed and another enjoyable one from Bloom.

The next two tracks I PLUG to you aren’t featured on the album but are certainly great enough to be showcased here. On the track 'Wonderful' from 2008you can literally pick out the instrumentals being used. The guitar sounds mixed with shakers make for an interesting introduction to the track and with his powerful vocal delivery, Timothy addresses a girl he can’t get enough of that keeps walking in and out of his life. Also noticeable is the expert fluctuation in the instrumentation of the song as it progressively slows down before hitting the hook and chorus and then picking back up. A catchy and perfect head bopping love song that lies somewhere between R&B and new soul.

The last track on our feature - the guitar-driven 'Blood Rain' takes you on a journey. Think of a Blues/Jazz sound mixed with a little Rock ‘n’ Roll. Asides bearing similarities to a certain James Bond theme song, the creativity and arrangements on this track are impressive. Blooms voice is soulful on the instrumental backdrop and his delivery is undoubtedly flawless. Listen to it below:

Enough words cannot explain Timothy Bloom’s talents and I can’t wait till he releases his full debut album titled In Full Bloom later this year. I hope this introduction to his world of soulful words and melodic chords has built an interest in you wanting to hear more. Support the artist’s GOOD music and cop the EP The Budding Rose off iTunes.

Buy the Album: iTunes

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