We Plug 2 Y.O.U... The Stow - Just Another Band

I have to admit, I was slightly nervous when I was invited to contribute to this blog. Having been a huge fan for ages, of the WPGM movement (and having been featured on here a few times... Yea... THAT Sonya. hehe), I wasn't sure I'd be able to do a good job of 'plugging' G.O.O.D music but with this band that I was asked to do a piece on, it was pretty darn obvious that it was going to be a fun job to do. Allow me to introduce to you; The Stow.

Now this group is 'right up my street!' (Thanks Cheryl!) But before I begin gushing any more about them let me tell what the group is about; This band consists of 5 members; Haydn, Shi, Gus, Dave and Matt. Given their love for Indie pop and hip hop they decided to form the collective known as The Stow. I have to say, I wasn't really sure what to expect from them, but I was highly optimistic because I'm so pro-team UK it would have been absurd not to be. And let me just say, if it isn't obvious already; I was not disappointed.

What I love most is the energy that each song has. genre wise as their press kit rightfully describes it, it is a 'cross pollination' of sounds and very catchy songs. However, what they've done is taken pop to a more a more soulful level (courtesy of the female singer), with a dash of that hip hop goodness and a hint of rock over LIVE instruments. (We NEED more of this and less of the studio generated craze we've become so used to).

Personally, my favourite song of theirs is 'Over The Edge', their latest single. It's so simple that it lets you enjoy and appreciate the talent of the singer and the rapper and it's also a song I feel is relateable and that makes it a winner.

The next song I listened to was 'Doubt Remains' off of their 'Just Another Band' EP. There is no doubt that however you feel about this song, you'd end up singing the hook because it's that catchy. I like the fact that the singer opens this one and then the rapper comes in and does his thing. My favourite part of this song, however, is the part in between where it's just the guitar and the drums. I felt like they could've given more on this one than they did. I wanted more and I felt like they left me hanging on this one. But like I said... I'm singing the chorus over and over!

And last but certainly not the least is 'Round and Round'. This is a fun one... And to be honest I have played this song back a quite a few times already. For some reason I'm reminded of Big Brovaz. I wonder if I'm the only one...

The Stow are out with an EP titled 'Just Another Band' which you can download below! You can also check out their website for some new releases, tour dates and all that other good stuff.

Download: The Stow - Not Just Another Band

It's been real! Till the next one...xxx


  1. They sound pretty goof! Thanks for sharing this, I hadn't heard of the before :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  2. Thanks Dee for checking em out. #ps Been meaning to send you some music, left you a message on your blog, dunno if you received it. Do lemme know how.

  3. Hellz yes mammi, you need to send me music cause I think we have a common understanding of that good ish as opposed to that ignorant ish lol. You can email me at fashun.cents@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!! :)


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