We Plug 2 Y.O.U... Daniel De Bourg - The DDB Mixtape (The Prelude)

Feliz Navidad everyone..... Merry Christmas in English that is... This is the Season to be Merry and Joyful and in that spirit, I wanted to share with you as my last post for the year 2010 an artist I just found out about and who has put a smile on my face in the past couple weeks. I listen to him everyday and I mean literally everyday, since I was introduced to him. This is a first on WE PLUG GOOD MUSIC so I hope you really enjoy it.

I reside in the U.S and not the U.K so forgive me for not ever hearing about Daniel De Bourg prior to this. He was a contestant on the popular show The X Factor in 2007 and I feel like I ought to go back and watch that season to see why he was not a contender to win the show. The English Singer/Songwriter and former dancer/model who had apparently previously released an album here in the States in 2002, just last month released THE DDB Mixtape Volume 1 - The Prelude.

The Prelude is a compilation of DDB's most popular covers, re-writes and a few exclusive original tracks. I am not usually interested in covers of songs, they just tend to not sound great to me. If you are gonna do it, you gotta do it atleast equal to OR better than the original and that's exactly what Daniel does on his covers, from Drake's 'Shut it Down' to Bruno Mars 'The Way You Are' to Prince's 'If I was Your Girlfriend'. But I'm running my mouth at this point, let me let you listen and form your own opinions, yea?

That was Daniel's cover of Drake's 'Fall for Your Type'. The way he sings this song gives me chills, I don't know why. His voice transcends to my inner soul, I hear him clearly, like he was singing to me alone in a room. I have heard Drake sing this song and Jamie Foxx as well, and they do nothing for me as Daniel does on this song. But if you are not convinced at this point, I have more to share with you.

What you just heard is Daniel's cover of Labrinth's 'Let the Sun Shine'. At this point I am convinced that this is a black guy singing by the way. I mean, do you hear the soul that emits from his voice? I like how he slows down the beat as well, it feels like this is the way the song should have been sung in the first place. He totally makes Labrinth, who sings the original, look irrelevant as a musician with this.

One more cover shall we?

What you just heard was an all-vocal cover of Cee-Lo Green's "Fuck You". Cee-Lo did a great job on this song and obviously deserves all the accolades he gets for this. I Love DDB on this song though, it instantly makes me smile. Have you noticed the range in his voice? It makes him so unique that he can make his voice suit the style of the song. It's a tricky line, because that makes him also unrecognizable, but for me its such a plus. Have you also noticed that you cannot tell for even a second that he is British? Let's end with an original song then or two :)

This one is an original track by Daniel featuring Belle titled 'Made 4 Me'. This is my second favorite song off this mixtape. The vocal arrangement is so old school R&B. Do you hear it? Like how songs were back in the 90's with a male and female artist bouncing off each other. Neither of them overshadows each other and Belle's voice is awesome. I totally love this song, I reckon it will be played on my wedding day.

 "If you judge me on my sound alone, it would be your loss"
And for the last but not the least, what you just listened to is an exclusive that you would only get if and WHEN you download this mixtape. Aptly titled 'Mutha Fucker', I love this song because I like how he can make fun of himself. He says what I allude to earlier in this post a couple times and I thought you ought to hear him say it for himself.

This was a great way to end the year, and this mixtape is definitely one of my favorites to have reviewed this year. Daniel is what you would call a natural artist, you don't learn what he's got in school, it comes from the heart. Hoping 2011 is a great year for him in the music industry. This is my opinion though, please leave your feedback and let me know what you think.

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Till Next Week

Peace, Love and Good Music



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