Good day folks. How's it going?. You can't possibly be as busy as i am right now, could you? Deadlines on everything while moving apartments. I am shedding pounds like you won't believe it, but i ain't complaining :). Let's skip the small talk then because trust me when i say i'm behind schedule and lets get right to the music.

Here at WE PLUG there are certain artists that we (collectively) are not afraid to say we are partial to. #SueUs. One such artist is the very talented, mesmerizing, Nigerian (#teamNigeria all day people) and handsome spoken word lyricist G.R.E.E.D.S. No stranger to our site because he is an extremely hard worker bringing out 3 samplers prior to this that i am about to share with you. The kid goes hard.

G.R.E.E.D.S & Producer NUTTY P Present Sampler 4, a very different vibe from anything they have done so far. This you can tell was a more fun project and on first listen i wasn't sure how i felt. You see when you are used to someone's pattern you don't immediately know how to react to the unexpected change. I decided I needed the perfect time, the perfect environment to listen to this and 3 songs into it, I was impressed. He changed up his style without losing any of the passion that makes him so good.

I listen to a lot of spoken word artists but not many of them can pull it off over music. Some of the beats on here where for true rappers and others for true R 'n'B artists. Dude went in on over B.O.B's airplane. Like seriously!!!! Dude goes hard. However, when one experiments there is sure to be one or two that might not exactly "gel" you know!! mix right. One such song is Crying Lightening. It just didn't work for me and I might be wrong, it might be the best song on there for you. Let me know guys. What do you think? & Talking about working for me, here are some of the songs that did...

My favorite song on here is Ready. When you listen it won't be hard to see why. Inmymind i'm a rapper, lol so i love beats that have your car bouncing like you see them all over the streets of Detroit, head bumping. And this is the killer for me, he goes "I kid you not, with every fiber that i eat through, acapella or with a beat i remain connected, umbilical, need them not to separate cause i cannot imagine a life without a music pen pad or headphones i swear i'll go crazy". iLove it and the hook is so hype, I've had this song on repeat all day.

<a href="http://greeds.bandcamp.com/track/ready">Ready by Greeds</a>

If you listen to no other song on this sampler, you have gotta listen to AURA. Yes it is that good it needs to be capitalized. Like who does spoken word over such a beat. Pure madness i tell you, lets just say G.R.E.E.D.S is a very bold guy. I really can't say much about this song, you tell me what you think. "My Aura is bright and bold, wicked and bad"

<a href="http://greeds.bandcamp.com/track/aura">Aura by Greeds</a>

And last but not least, the song that gets every emotion in me, I am after all female, and makes me want to be with my man right this minute is URGE. Fellas, you're looking for a song to set that romantic mood and to give your girl a hint of what you have planned in store for her then I urge you (all pun intended) to get this song. Sigh. I would be in love with G.R.E.E.D.S just for this song if I wasn't already in love with another. Spoken word at its best people.

<a href="http://greeds.bandcamp.com/track/urge">Urge by Greeds</a>

That's it people. Download this free sampler right now and enjoy every minute of it. Infact do yourself a favor and download the previous samplers as well. And we will be sure to bring to your attention the next sampler as well, because I trust he will be out with one or two more before the year ends.

And i'm out till next week.

Peace, Love and Good Music


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