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There should be a rule sometime in the near future banning lazy writers from owning/managing/editing websites or  any form of publication, maybe that will kick me into shape! I've been away for a bit, haven't I? We could go back and forth with the blaming games on this but what would that solve heh? Anyhoo right into the reason I'm here today...

I received an email on the 25TH of June (Yes! A month ago so #dearartists I'm really not ignoring your music, oh except if its really awful then YES I'm ignoring it! Alas I digress) from a French West Indian alternative/indie-soul artist & beat-maker based in New York by the name of Cilla K about her debut album, 'Fine Line' which was released in April and then she also went on to list a few Online Editors that have been so kind as to review her work... In this list included some of my favourite websites such as Above & Beyond Magazine, Soul:UK & This is Real Music and so I thought I'd pay particular attention to this lady and her music.

I have been listening to 'Fine Line' for close to a month now and it is a thoroughly enjoyable body of work. I rarely ever use 'enjoyable' to describe music (even though I think I should more often) but its the Summer and if you're not listening to Music that you are enjoying then there must be a problem. Having said that, I still wanna be able to appreciate the music I'm listening to. Note that appreciating & enjoying music are two different things... I enjoy & appreciate Cilla K's 'Fine Line'. 

I'll just show you a couple (or 3) reasons why and if you're a regular listener of our radio show on Melody One, you will have heard these reasons already but yeah let's listen to some music...

"You've got the face of an angel but I know you're an evil child." - Cilla K

Something about this record apart from the title 'Evil Child' grabs you immediately you hear it... Alright, maybe not immediately but I guarantee you once you've hit the chorus, you cannot get that line outta your head and the harmony on this as well gets me. The combination of those light drums patterns & what I think are lead guitar strings gives Cilla K the haunting & captivating musical backdrop she needs to make this record work and she doesn't disappoint on those vocals... I really really like this song, what do you make of it?

Lemme know what you think of this next one as well yeah?

This record 'Black & White' sounds so different from the other songs on the album & I'm not saying that it doesn't quite fit into this album BUT it does have a certain different feel to it that's not on the rest of the album (it may just be me so you can tell me if I'm wrong when you listen to the album) and it's certainly not a bad thing, it's just an observation. It sounds more 'Summery R&B-ish' than 'Alternative Indie-Soul-ish' if that makes any sense. I really like this song & you can hear the beauty in what she's doing with those drum patterns & guitar strings again, this time with the right touch of piano keys... Simple sounds but the effects are amazing to my ears (you need to plug in headphones to hear these guitar strings in all that accentuated glory)

All in all, 'Fine Line' is 15-tracks of GOOD Music without saying too many words! Cilla K's dreamy vocals, the amazing melodies & harmonies and of course the very impressive production on this album make it one that you should definitely check out. From the two records we've already shared with you, to other stand-out tracks such as the very enjoyable 'Lost in You', the hard-thumping Hip-Hop influenced title-track 'Fine Line' and the 'Drive You Home' remix which we're about to listen to, this is so worth your time!!!

"Tell me have you lost your way boy" - Cilla K

'Drive You Home Remix' was my stand-out record from the album when I first listened to it but now I'm undecided as I quite like 'Evil Child' a whole lot but this is still a stand-out record by any measure! Those horns are simply the business & Cilla K's vocal harmonizing shines through on this record

You can stream the whole 'Fine Line' album for free via Cilla K's Myspace Page and so you should! I reckon you'll like it so I've included the purchase link for 'Fine Line' right below for your perusal! It's only $5.99 (around £3.50)

Purchase: Cilla K - Fine Line

Until the Next Time...

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