We Plug 2 Y.O.U... K.I Project - The Article

SO AFTER a brief hiatus, we are back with a flurry of the very best emerging music that we've been blessed to find and come across... Let's get right into it ladies & gentlemen!

I received an email a couple of months ago from a Hip-Hop/Soul group from London by the name of K.I Project of their debut album that is being released today for FREE but we'll get back to that detail later on, I was at first reluctant to download their entire album unto my laptop and then have it turn out to be utter rubbish (no offence but it's happened) but I took a little faith and let me tell you, I was BLOWN away!!!

SO who are K.I Project? K.I Project is the combination of Hip-Hop & Soul Producer Kensaye, born & raised in France, who's now based in London and Innocent, one very impressive Rapper from Watford & together they formed the Kensaye & Innocent Project thus 'K.I Project'... "Simple & Honest" according to Kensaye and he goes on to clarify that "Simplicity and Honest is what they thrive on. The Music has a soulful blend of samples and electronic sounds and the lyrics are honest and heartfelt". 'The Article' is the 13-track debut offering from the duo and like I said earlier... BLOWN AWAY!

Anyway enough of the background info, let's get right into some of the MUSIC, shall we?

<a href="http://kensaye.bandcamp.com/track/riveta-ft-nic-brown">Riveta (Ft. Nic Brown) by Kensaye</a>

YES YES! What you just heard is titled 'Riveta' and on my first spin of the album, this was my favorite record... You know how much I love Soulful Hip-Hop, I cannot help it & Kensaye is a BEAST for this production (SO SOULFUL!!!) and as well as much of the records on the album + something about Innocent on the MIC, it just feels all so natural and I love his flow and then they add the amazing vocals of Nic Brown on this & its an EPIC Hip-Hop Love record! I'm totally feeling it! What do you think though?

We DO have some more music, what say you?

<a href="http://kensaye.bandcamp.com/track/had-to-go">Had To Go by Kensaye</a>

Damn I love the sampling on this record + the thumping production does it for me, I just had to include it on here and Innocent gets his retrospective real-talk on on this one, it's the final track on the album so it's only right (I aint mad at that at all!), it's titled 'Had To Go'. There's something about music like this, it's NOT about trivial OR far-fetched OR bulls**t subject matter like fast cars & popping champagne at the club or glorifying peddling drugs or boasting about your crib with 10 bathrooms (when you're an upcoming artist? Lol Please!), this music is listen-able, well at least to me, because iBelieve Innocent on here, I can relate to him on many levels & I don't even know him... That's what MUSIC should be! Right? Anyway that's only what iThink, lemme know your 2 cents please!

<a href="http://kensaye.bandcamp.com/track/goodness-ft-sharika">Goodness (Ft. Sharika) by Kensaye</a>

What you just heard is titled 'Goodness'... SO apparently, Kensaye told Innocent to calm down on the 'About-a-Girl' tracks (there are quite a number of em on the album and I love every one of em! #sueme!) and so they made this 'Goodness' instead & what we get is Innocent getting his braggadocio rapping on! I can't be mad at that, it's in every rapper's genes plus we're blessed with some amazing vocals from another emerging singer by the name of Sharika Medla.

Now you know I just had to do it, as a final parting shot, we're gonna close out this feature with one of those 'About-a-Girl' tracks or as Innocent called em "track for the hunnies"... We just gotta do it! You'll like this one, truss me...

<a href="http://kensaye.bandcamp.com/track/feel-like-that">Feel Like That by Kensaye</a>

This one's titled 'Feel Like That' and in some ways, it feels like the sequel to 'The Break-Up Track' featuring Sharika, which you'll hear immediately before you hear this one on the album, I kinda feel bad playing you this one without the other BUT take it as further reason to download the album... Do you like this one though?

PLUS Kensaye & Innocent show their versatility on the 8th track on 'The Article' titled 'Not a Bad Man' & it will definitely catch you out when you listen & as Innocent bashfully concedes "You didnt think we'd do 'Grime', did you?". Yup! They go all 'Grime' on us on that one record alongside Blazay & Conrad the Scoundrel and iQuite liked it & if you're on that flex, you'll definitely like it too!!!

Other notable records that you'll wanna check out immediately are 'Travellin' Again' which is the token Posse Cut on this album and it features two of the most promising emerging UK emcees at the moment, Artcha & Cage Lu plus Nic Brown lends his brilliant vocals on the hook for that one... & Cage Lu also lends a verse to another record I quite like, the abstract 'Rap Tales' which features emerging UK-based Songstress Ella Bites, who completely murks this record... like completely murks it! Add the Ella Bites assisted 'Coming on Strong' & 'Fool The Industry' to this list and it's virtually the whole album! 'The Article' is that good!

All in all, 'The Article' is a brilliantly put-together body of work and if you're a music-head then you'll really enjoy this one because above everything, the music on here is really really good and I cannot wait for K.I Project's next release but until then, I will be RINSING the heck outta 'The Article' and I recommend you hit the download button below and help yourself to some amazing music that really shouldn't be free BUT yup it is FREE, you have NO reason NOT to get this!

Download: K.I Project - The Article

Until the Next Time...

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