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OK for those who don't know, Mystrogen a.k.a MysDiggi has been in the UK Hip-Hop game for a loong minute now... 11 years to be exact! A Veteran in every right... He's collaborated with several other Vets, the likes of SkinnyMan (1999's 'The Word's Out'), Rodney P (2003's 'You Know Who You Are') & Black Twang (2002's 'Half n Half')... He put Daniel Merriweather on a track years before the kid blew up (2006's 'Come Fly')... He hosted the now infamous UK Hip-Hop showcase & club nights, Kung-Fu in Camden, London... He is quite frankly one of the very few reminders that real Hip-Hop ain't dead in the UK... & All these, without having yet released a full-length album (not taing into account 2006's 'Diggi Down Unda')

Enough of the history lessons then... Fast Forward to December 14th, 2009 & the big homie Mystro is back with this 10-track E.P aptly titled F**K D TAXMAN (F.D.T) with all the pun intended (ask me later to break it down)...

The EP leads with the single, 'Live and U Learn' produced by Earth Hip-Hop, the video to which you can check out HERE but I'm leading with my favorite record off of the EP... Check it after the jump!

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This one's titled 'Aquarius' and its produced by Super T & Mystro goes into superb social commentary mode as he discusses diverse issues from religion to medicine to 9/11, in the midst of an eerily good musical backdrop of mesmerizing chimes & obscure keys as provided by Super T... What is present on this record as with on the other records on this EP is Mystro's ever-present wittiness, the intelligent & hard-hitting lyrics, his mature and succinct flow!

& with that said, let's check out another of my favorite records from the F.D.T EP...

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On this 3 odd minutes of what is a straight Hip-Hop Head's dream, DJ Thor on the production comes up with a monster of a beat... The Drums, those daunting keys, the spazmatic horn arrangements??? They all come together to create what I envision is an Emcee's dreams come true in a way that only a few DJ/Producers can manage & by how Mystro spaces out all over this backdrop, I doubt I'm wrong... The song is called 'Thorish' by the way!

I've listened to the F.D.T EP a good few times since I got it and it sounds better after each listen, Earth Hip-Hop comes up with an opus of a hip-hop production on 'Maintain' which sees Mystro shouting-out & bigging-up the rest of the very few UK Hip-Hop artistes, producers & DJs that refuse to sell out & who still churn out quality hip-hop that remain unadulterated & NOT what the A&R says will push numbers... & on 'Banishment', Mystro is on amazing 'sending' form & that hook is mad catchy as f**k! A few listens and you'll be screaming 'RUN HIM OUT THE HOUSE' to any little thing (truss me)... All the records on this EP are pure Hip-Hop records and you'd expect nothing less from MysDiggi. Quite simply this one's for all the Hip-Hop heads out there, if you like good Hip-hop, you'll appreciate this EP.

Alright Beautiful people, that is all I can share with you from the F.D.T EP unfortunately BUT what I will say is this... Mystrogen's F.D.T ep is out on Itunes, Amazon and all other major Music retailers on Don't BizzNizz so go out (stay IN) and get your copy, you will NOT be dissappointed & you can QUOTE me on that one!

Until the Next One...

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  1. U know i'm beginning to feel this grime music - heheheh


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